Solo vs Convection Microwave: What’s the Better Buy in 2022 & Why?

People often get confused between solo and convection microwaves. Both of them have different types of functions. People often get confused and think that both are the same.

In reality, there are lots of differences between solo and convection microwaves. Both are used for cooking purposes. 

Today we will try to decipher the Solo vs Convection Microwave debate, and pick a clear winner (if possible) among these two types.

Solo vs Convection Microwave

In the case of a solo microwave, one can only defrost, cook or reheat the different types of food. The heating procedure in a solo microwave consists of magnetrons and microwaves. Whereas in a convection microwave, we can bake the cake, toast the food.

In other words, the convection microwave can do all the functions performed by a solo microwave. Convection microwaves cook food in the hot air. You can cook in the convection microwave according to your choice.

Several things like baking, grilling, crisping, browning and roasting can be done. In this article, we are going to give you all kinds of information regarding the solo and convection microwave. Follow the article. 

What is a Solo Microwave?

In the case of a solo microwave, the food gets heated with the help of a microwave. Magnetron and microwave are included in the heating process.

The magnetron is surrounded by a cathode rod by a hollow anode tube. The transformer sends the electricity to the cathode rod. Due to the presence of an electric field.

Solo Microwave
Solo Microwave

The cathode rod gets heated and excites the anode rods. The electrons present in the microwave oscillate. Their frequency matches the frequency of microwaves. With the help of magnetrons, microwaves started to form.

After that, the waves started to travel and reach the cooking chamber. Now, the microwaves start to reflect with the walls of the cooking chamber. The heat started to produce friction. 


It consumes less electricity.
The solo microwave has a quick start option and total germ care.
It is equipped with a gas timer so that you can check the condition of the food.
The solo microwaves are generally lightweight and compact.


It is not possible to make the food crispier because the food cooks from the interior to the outside.
Solo microwave is only restricted to baking and grilling.

What is a Convection Microwave?

In a convection microwave, the food gets heated with the help of hot air circulation. It cooks food fast and according to your choice.

The transformer passes the electricity to the oven. In the microwave, electric energy gets converted into thermal energy. After that, the heat is passed to the cooking chamber. There is a fan located in the back of the cooking chamber.

Convection Microwave
Convection Microwave

It starts rotating and spreads the heat evenly. That’s why the food became crispier and brownish. In the convection microwave, one can do normal cooking as well as baking, toasting, and reheating. It has several special features.


The heat of the convection microwave spreads evenly and makes the food tastier.
It has pre pre-set menu option. It helps in cooking.
Food cooks faster without compromising the taste in comparison to other microwaves.
One can cook a variety of foods.
The fan operates at a lower temperature.


Convection microwaves cannot be used for deep frying.
We also can’t use a convection microwave for grilling.
It doesn’t have a bottom heating element.

Solo vs Convection Microwave: What are the Major Differences?

There are lots of differences between the solo and convection microwave. To clear your confusion of solo vs convection microwave, we have arranged the major distinctions. Let’s follow it. 

1. Purpose of Use

Solo microwave is mainly used to defrost, reheat and cook. However, you cannot grill or bake. Solo microwaves are only for those persons who love to reheat their food before eating.

In the case of convection microwaves, it is just the opposite. You can bake, grill, roast, and do browning. It is best for preparing cakes. But one cannot cook pizza or other special food because the bottom line is missing.

2. Cooking Medium/Working

The solo microwave involved several types of cooking methods. These are needed daily. It can serve you in defrosting, reheating, and warming. On the other hand, convection microwaves are somewhat different and work on different principles.

It performs all the functions of a solo microwave and at the same time can also do baking, toasting, and roasting. It is versatile in every aspect. Moreover, the food cooks fast in the case of convection microwaves.

3. Price

The price of the solo and convection microwave differs from one another. Solo microwaves are cost-effective because they do not possess special features. You can only reheat and defrost. On the other hand,  the cost of a convection microwave is higher compared to a solo microwave.

It is because it has several advantages over a solo microwave. It also has additional features which are missing in the solo microwave. That is why the price is much higher in the case of convection microwaves. The price will increase according to the features.

4. Compatibility

In the solo microwave oven, it is made up of plastic utensils and microwave glasses. Metals are risky to use because of several properties. Accidents may occur if you do not use microwave glasses. On the other hand, in the case of a convection oven, nothing such is necessary.

It is convenient to use in terms of utensils and materials. One can use any dish that they like. Microwave safe glass, plastic and other utensils are highly compatible with the convection microwave.

5. Construction

Solo microwave includes magnetron. A huge magnet is placed behind it. The magnet runs and circulates electrodes from anode to cathode. The waves are created and pass through the chamber. The friction is created and warms the food.

On the other hand, the electricity is drawn by the transformer and directed to the oven’s heating element. Here, the electrical energy is converted to thermal energy. There is one present. It starts to rotate and the heat spreads evenly and cooks the food.

6. Heat Control

In the case of solo microwave, there is a presence of auto cook menus. You can control the heat as per your requirement. On the other hand, the heat is evenly spread in the convection microwave. That’s why the food cooks easily.

7. Limitations

There are lots of limitations noticed in both solo and convection microwaves. In the case of the former one, you can only preheat or defrost. However, you cannot cook several food items. Many people have tried to cook several foods but it is not possible.

But in the case of convection microwaves, there is no bottom line. That is why you cannot cook pizza or pies. It is expensive but extremely versatile. The convection microwave is relatively heavyweight. You can’t take it anywhere.

Solo vs Convection Microwave – Which One Should You Buy According to us?

Solo microwave as well as convection microwave: both are good. Both have different types of features. It is difficult to say which one is best. Both are best according to the features.

If budget seems to be an issue for you then you can go for the solo microwave. On the other hand, you can only defrost and reheat the food. You cannot cook all types of food there.

On the other hand, in the case of a convection microwave, you can cook several types of food because heat spreads evenly. But if you are a pizza lover then a convection microwave is not suitable for you. Convection microwaves might be expensive but you can cook many types of food.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can we bake in a solo microwave?

Answer: No, it is not possible to bake or grill in a solo microwave. Several people have tried but they weren’t successful. However, researchers claimed that through the miracle of modern chemistry, one can easily bake cakes in a solo microwave. But we have seen that the result is not satisfactory.

2. What can I cook in a solo microwave?

Answer: The main function of a solo microwave is to defrost, and preheat. However, one can also cook several food items like pizza, sandwiches, and prepare the cake. You can also keep the vegetables in the microwave for a while. After that, you can cook it in the gas. It might save you gas. 

3. Is a convection microwave better than a regular microwave?

Answer: Yes, a convection microwave is much better than a regular microwave or an OTG. In the convection microwave, the heat spreads evenly from the outside to the higher temperature. The best part of the convection microwave is that it is used for grilling, baking, browning, roasting, and other things. Moreover, convection microwaves cook food faster.


We have discussed solo microwaves as well as convection microwaves. Both the microwaves have high demand. People like to prefer a solo microwave because it is budget-friendly and occupies less space in the kitchen.

On the other hand, we have discussed other uses of convection microwaves. If you cook fancy food then purchasing a convection microwave will be the best option for you. We hope that you have liked our article. This article will help you to clear all your doubts about microwaves. 

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