How to Whip Cream in a Mixer Grinder in 8 Easy Steps

Learn how to whip cream in a mixer grinder under 15 minutes. I have been doing this since ages, and I am quite sure that by the end of this article even you will become pro at this.

how to make whip cream in mixer grinder

What’s your view about homemade whipped cream? Have you ever tasted it? You will be shocked to know that the homemade whipped cream has a lot of difference from the canned cream that is available in the market. It is luscious, authentic, rich in taste and will surely make the food better.

Apart from that, the homemade whipped cream is free from preservatives and additives as well. As per the World Health Organization, food additives may have potential harmful effects on our health and immunity.

So it’s always better to learn how to make whip cream in a mixer grinder at home easily by following some quick steps.

What is Whipped Cream?

Whipped cream is heavy cream. It needs to be beaten until it gets fluffy. The whipped cream can be sweetened or you can get it in the flavour of vanilla. The vanilla whipped cream can also be called Chantilly. 

It is used in a wide range of foods, drinks, cookies or sandwiches. The whipped cream is soft, and the peaks are higher than any other normal dairy products. It uses its fat in the cream and forms pockets throughout the mixture and keeps it stabilized.

Nutritional Value of Whipped Cream

The fat of whipped cream is saturated fat. Some of the emerging research says that eating saturated fat protects against heart disease. Apart from that, whipped cream contains vitamin A, D, E and K. 

Other essential minerals like calcium and phosphorus present in whipped cream promote healthy bone development. 

Whipped Cream Uses in Various Dishes

Whipped cream is mainly used as a topping on different recipes. You can use it in cake, coffee, hot chocolate, milkshake, etc. However, nowadays this is widely used as fruits and salad dressing. 

whipped cream1

Benefits of Using Homemade Whipped Cream

There are many benefits of using homemade whipped cream. I have already touched this point in the intro. But now I will explain the benefits in detail.


The texture is one of the most important factors for whipped cream. There are specific recipes that require different textures. In that case, for store-bought whipped cream, you may not get the right texture that you need for a particular purpose. But for the homemade, one you can make it as per your need. 


The whipped cream brands strive to make a single and common flavour. In that case, you don’t have any scope to customize it as your own. But in homemade whipped cream, you can add different flavours to satisfy your taste buds.


It’s quite evident that when you are making whipped cream on your own, it will be tasty. Because it allows you to make it as per your preferred flavour and texture.

But, when the same cream is made in the factory, the manufacturer may not focus on every single quantity of them. But when making it at home, you can give your full attention to it. 

All Natural Ingredients

The homemade whipped is made without any artificial ingredients. Apart from that, it is free from the fake thickener or a weird stabilizer to keep it fresh. So, if you have time to make your own, then go for it immediately.

Easy Adaptability

It’s a known factor that if you’re making it at our kitchen, then you will be able to make a lot of experiments as per your taste and required flavour. In fact, you can easily adapt as per the need and use the ingredients that are available to you to make it awesome.

In that case, you don’t need to rush to nearby stores every single time just to find the missing ingredients.  

Ingredients Required for Homemade Whipped Cream

  • Heavy whipping cream: This is the star ingredient.
  • Confectioner sugar or powdered: It makes the whipped cream sweeter.
  • Cornstarch: Works as a stabilizing agent.
  • Vanilla essence: Flavourize the cream ( Optional)
  • Other stabilizing agents: Cream of tartar, Gelatin, Agar-agar + powdered milk

Things to Consider Before Making Whipped Cream in a Mixer Grinder

You can easily make whipped cream at home if you follow the instructions below. Before you start working, you should know which type of cream is best for whipping and how to get perfect output. 

You should always start with the right kind of cream that contains at least 33-35% fat. Let’s follow the rest guidelines.

It should be Chilled

Before you start whipping, make sure the utensil is cold. In that case, you can refrigerate the mixing bowl, whisk and whipping cream in advance. In case, you are pressed for time, chill them for at least 10-20 minutes. 

Whip it

The easiest method to whip cream is working with a stand mixer and whisk attachment. Just beat it for one minute to get a perfect consistency. When the soft peaks will start to form, you should be extra careful to get the required peak. You can also whip it by hand using a large whisk but this is a bit time-consuming process. 


You should start whipping with 1-2 cups or 250-500ml cream at a time.

When to Serve

You should serve whipped cream right after it gets prepared. Mixing powdered sugar there will help you to stabilize it.

Refrigerate the Leftover Cream

You can keep the leftover whipped cream in the freezer for up to 3 months. The refrigeration should be in an airtight container.

How to Whip Cream in a Mixer Grinder (Step-By-Step Guide)

Tools Required

  • Mixer grinder
  • Spoon

Preparation Time

1 Hour

whpped cream 3
  • Step 1: You need cold cream to go through the process. The colder it is, will need less time to be whipped.
  • Step 2: Now put the mixer grinder bowl in the freezer for an hour. You can also keep the cream bowl in the freezer to get the best result.
  • Step 3: When you are ready to go, out the mixer grinder and cream from the freezer. Put the cream in the jar and operate for 30 seconds.
  • Step 4: After 30 seconds stop the grinder and see the consistency. Now you can add here vanilla flavour and icing sugar etc.
  • Step 5: Now start your mixer grinder again. Whisk it at a medium speed. Now the consistency will be bubbly and frothy.
  • Step 6: Now whisk it for the next 4-5 minutes so that it reaches its soft plop stage. If the cream can not stand on the whisk, then it requires more whisking.
  • Step 7: After 7-8 minutes it will start to get its volume. The parks will be formed which means you should use the mixer. This is especially recommended for frosting, cupcakes or any other dessert. But don’t overbeat it.
  • Step 8: Whipped cream takes less time. But if you leave it too long then you could end up with butter.

Please Note: If at any point you feel that the mixer is not chilled enough, then you must put it back on the refrigerator for another 30-40 minutes. Otherwise, it won’t work.

How to Stabilize a Whipped Cream Correctly

It’s very important to stabilize a whipped cream to get the maximum result. Here I am adding methods of doing so by using 4 different stabilizing agents.

Whipped cream with sugar: Add powdered sugar slowly in heavy cream to make whipped cream. 

Cream of tartar: Combine two cups of fresh cream, ⅔ cups of powdered sugar, ½ tsp of cream of tartar and set it aside a few times and then whisk it. 

Gelatin: Let the mix of one teaspoon of gelatin powder for blooming itself. After that, microwave it and add one tablespoon of cream there and mix it up. Now you can whole cream into that. 

Agar and powdered milk: Add agar and powdered milk slowly in the cream and whisk it.

Mistakes to Avoid While Making Whipped Cream at Home

The following mistakes may ruin your whipped cream. Let’s check it. 

The cream is not chilled: If the cream is not chilled, the fat and stabilization will be ineffective. You should chill the bowl, beater and whisk to get the best result. 

Wrong kind of cream: You should choose a cream with at least 30% of fat. For vegans, coconut cream can be an option. 

Adding sugar at the wrong time: Don’t add sugar just when you start mixing. Let the cream add some thickness and then gradually add sugar. 

Whisking utensils is not right: You should use a whisk that can incorporate air into the cream. An electric mixer with a whisk attachment is ideal. But you can also use a hand whisk. However, it will take more time. 

Stabilization is not done in hot weather: Without proper stabilization, the cream will be melted. The stabilizer helps to hold its peak. 

You have made it in a rush: Whipping cream is a quick process. But make sure to set some times for chilling the cream and utensil. You should be extra careful when whisking the cream in the blender. 

How to Check the Right Consistency


The whipped cream has different peaks which are needed for a particular serving. Here, have a look at how you can get the right consistency. 

Soft peaks: The soft peaks generally don’t have any peaks. This is a cloud-like consistency. 

Medium peak: This is firmer than the soft peak. This is the moment when the cream starts to get stiff. 
Stiff peak: This is the right consistency that you desired. This consistency can hold its peak correctly.


What to do when it is over whipped?

Over Whipped the cream? Don’t worry. Now you can return it to the previous stage. Just add some fresh cream and gently beat it. You can hand beat it with a hand whisk also. After a few minutes, you can see it has turned into smooth whipped cream. But if the cream starts to be separated, you can’t fix it.

Can I use regular sugar for whipping cream?

The regular sugar may remain as some granules in the whipped cream. But the powdered sugar world is a stabilization method that holds the stiffness of the cream. 

How long can you store this whipped cream?

You should use it within one month. Or storing more than three months may ruin the cream. 

Which brand is best to make whipping cream?

Too polite whipping cream is best for the market. It comes with only one flavour and type. People prefer this for its rich taste.

How long does whipped cream last at room temperature?

Don’t keep the whipped cream at room temperature more than 40°F. Otherwise, it will be treated as unsafe to use. 


My sole aim with this article is help you learn how to whip cream in a mixer grinder. I am quite sure that you will be able to prepare perfect homemade whipped cream after following the steps mentioned here at Cooker King.

Now what are you waiting for? Give it a shot and lemme know the results.

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