Best Utensils for Cooking According to Ayurveda of 2022

Nowadays, people like to use different types of cookware sets. These include non-stick and ceramic cooking utensils. People are forgetting to use utensils that are good for their health.

There are several utensils like bronze, copper, iron that are good for our health. We always try to purchase fancy-looking cookware. However, the truth is to avoid those modern utensils. Those are not at all the best utensils for cooking according to Ayurveda.

There is nothing to deny the fact that these utensils offer lots of benefits to us. Research has claimed that cooking in bronze vessels helps to pacify the Vata and pitta. If you eat in bronze utensils then the dryness of the skin and the nervous problem can be cured.

Best Utensils for Cooking According to Ayurveda
Best Utensils for Cooking According to Ayurveda

On the other hand, bronze utensils help us to reduce obesity and also provide skin nourishment. It also takes care of the eyes. Even after knowing all these, people are fond of other utensils. They often neglect the utensils which have Ayurvedic facilities.

Maybe this is the reason that the younger generation suffers from several kinds of disease. In this article, we are going to state lots of benefits of cooking in brass, silver, bronze and copper utensils. Follow the article.

6 Best Utensils for Cooking According to Ayurveda

Bronze Utensils

Bronze utensils are referred to as Kansa metal. Almost thirty or forty years ago, people used broken utensils. Now, people avoid this because it is heavier.

However, it is one of the healthy options for you if you want your health to remain perfect. Bronze utensils retain almost 97% of nutrients.

Nowadays, you can find bronze utensils in several cafes and restaurants. Many people like the idea of eating with bronze utensils but the busy life didn’t permit them to do so.

Bronze Utensils
Bronze Utensils

So if you are planning to purchase the bronze material then it is better to check all the materials. It should not contain any unhealthy materials like nickel and chromium. It might be tricky to search for the best one. 

Copper Utensils

One of the main advantages of cooking in copper utensils is that it has high thermal conductivity because it is the best conductor of heat.

It helps in heating the material quickly and spreads evenly. It means that there will be no burning spots. We must say that copper is 100% safe to cook food.

The linings of the copper utensils are made up of nickel, stainless steel and tin. Whatever you will cook, your food will remain absolutely safe.

Copper Utensils
Copper Utensils

As copper is extremely efficient with heat, there is no utility in using a high flame. You may preheat the utensil before cooking. Cooking in high flame may discolour the utensil.

Brass Utensils

Brass utensils were in huge demand from ancient times. The researchers also claimed that if we cook vegetables and meat in brass utensils, then it is best.

It preserves all the nutrients efficiently. The cooking experts have advised cooking food in brass utensils to remain healthy.

Other cooking utensils can hardly retain the nutrients. Whereas brass can retain 93% nutrients. The best part is that the food also tastes good.

Brass Utensils
Brass Utensils

However, it too has one drawback. It is advised not to cook acidic food, it might react with brass. Another thing is that you should take extra care while washing the brass utensils. Instead of lemon detergent, try to use normal detergent.

Iron Utensils

Cooking in iron utensils is one of the best solutions for you all. This utensil is considered to be the safest cooking. The iron utensils are thick. That is why it can retain all the nutrients perfectly.

However, there is one drawback. Iron utensils, if exposed in the open air, tend to rust. Cooking in rust utensils is not good at all. It might cause health hazards.

So, you should know the techniques to maintain the rust. Then we can say that iron utensils are good for eating.

Iron Utensils
Iron Utensils

Food experts also said that if you give the cooked food in iron to the children, then the hemoglobin will rise as quickly as possible.

Silverware Utensils

The properties of silver utensils are non-toxic. Other materials might contaminate the food when it is heated because of the chemical reactions.

The experts say that silver utensils have antibacterial properties and it help in protecting the harmful bacteria in the air. Hippocrates, who is the father of medicine, has declared that silver can kill several microorganisms.

Moreover, it has a tool to prevent any sort of decay. Another best thing about silver utensils is that it has a cooling effect on the body. It further smoothens digestion.

Silverware Utensils
Silverware Utensils

Moreover, it also helps in improving the metabolic system of our body. Silver has the property to kill microbes and keeps the food and drink long-lasting. 

Clay Utensils

There is no denying the fact that clay utensils are the best to cook. In ancient days, people used to cook food in clay utensils. It is made up of natural ingredients. There is no presence of any toxic or harmful elements.

Clay utensils are porous so it enables the heat and moisture to circulate evenly during the cooking process. You can stay fit and fine with the help of clay utensils. This utensil is considered to be the most healthy cooking.

The clay material permits moisture. Moreover, the heat circulated the food and further helped in retaining all the nutrients.

Clay Utensils
Clay Utensils

The meat prepared in the clay pots remains juicy for a long time. The only shortcoming of using a clay utensil is that it takes a longer time to cook. The food also becomes tasty. You can cook in less oil as well. 

Which utensils are best for cooking Indian food? 

Indian foods are very spicy. There are lots of utensils good for us. However, if we want to know the best utensil for cooking Indian food then it is none other than clay pots. It is because it is entirely made up of natural ingredients.

The best thing about the clay utensil is that it reserves all the nutrients perfectly.

Moreover, it has lots of utilities. You can even get rid of several types of diseases by eating in clay utensils. It is healthy and good as well. 

Which utensil is not good for cooking?

We all must be aware that some metal utensils are not good for our health. The most commonly used utensil is aluminium.

The phrase “all that glitter is not gold” perfectly fits in aluminium. The most disadvantage is that it heats up quickly and reacts quickly with acidic vegetables and food. It is always advisable to avoid cooking in aluminium utensils. 

Nowadays all are fashionable stainless steel. Do you know its side effects? It is a metal alloy. It means it is a mixture of chromium, carbon, silicon, and nickel. However stainless steel does not react with acidic food.

The main thing which matters is the quality. The other metals might react with the food. It will make the food toxic. So, it will be harmful to eat. It is always better to go for high quality and highly durable stainless steel. 

The non-stick cookware is good as it requires less oil. However, research has proved that these are not at all good for our health. It often works as a catalyst for various chemical reactions in the body.

Before purchasing non-stick cookware it is better to look at all the quality. Then it might not affect your health. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. The best metal for cooking rice?

Answer: We can cook rice in several metals. Generally, people tend to cook rice in aluminium. Aluminium might be dangerous. So, the best one is copper. It contains antibacterial properties. It cooks the food well and keeps it warm for a long time. Moreover, the food also tastes good. 

2. Are Indolium and Aluminium the same?

Answer: Many people get confused and think Indolium and Aluminium are the same. However, aluminium is an element. Indolium is the alloy of aluminium. Indolium is made up of high-quality aluminium. On the other hand, aluminium has a low density and has thermal conductivity.

3. Is aluminium or stainless steel better?

Answer: Both Aluminium and Stainless Steel have different weight ratios. Stainless steel is much stronger compared to aluminium. On the other hand, aluminium is just one-third of the weight of stainless steel.
But aluminium has better strength to weight ratio as compared to stainless steel. So, we can say that aluminium is much better. 

Final Thoughts

Sometimes we become obsessed with the new cookware sets. It beautifies our kitchen. That is the reason we often forget the best utensils for cooking according to Ayurveda.

We have replaced the old tradition with modern quick fixes due to our busy lives. We don’t even realize the serious health hazards of modern cookware.

That is why we have stated all the important things. We hope that after reading this article you may decide your mind. Cooking in clay, iron, copper and brass has lots of nutritive value.

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