Best Stand Mixer in India 2022: Reviews & Expert Guide

A good stand mixer can combine ingredients quickly and effectively even from the sides of the bowl. This is one of the most common and essential kitchen appliances beside blenders for bakers. The bakers get the most out of the stand mixer for mixing ingredients and also for making batters and dogs.

All the best stand mixer in India comes with a different speed setting and different heads to get full access to adding ingredients while using. A stand mixer is used for both kneading, baking and whisking – so this is a versatile option in your kitchen. 

best stand mixer in india

The top companies of stand mixer are expected to grow at the rate of 1.9% CAGR rate in near future. While there are a lot of companies available in the market. It is a little tricky to pick one from there.

Here a full review of the best stand mixer in India of 2022 along with a buying guide in order to help you to choose one as per your need. 

Quick summary (Top 4 Products)

Best Budget Stand Mixer: INALSA Stand Mixer Professional Esperto
Best Performance Stand Mixer: Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Tilt 5-quart Ksm150pser Artisan Red Brand
Best Brand Stand Mixer: Wonderchef Stand Mixer and Beater
Best Featured Stand Mixer: Lifelong Stand Mixer 1000W with 5L SS Bowl

Top 6 Best Stand Mixer in India of 2022 (With Reviews)

A stand mixer has multiple uses in the Indian kitchen. If you want to buy the best stand mixer for your kitchen, then follow the list of the 6 best stand mixer in India.

We have done our research on more than 50 products. It took more than 1 month to do the research. Below these products are written. 

1. INALSA Stand Mixer Professional Esperto

Key Features

  • 100% pure copper motor.
  • 6L SS bowl.
  • 4 attachment with the pack.
  • All metal gears.
  • 10-speed setting.

Inalsa Stand mixer is a high-quality stand mixer that takes care of all of your mixing requirements. The powerful motor is 1000W that saves up your time and effort. The pack is equipped with a dough hook, whisking cone and mixing beater. 

Now you can celebrate every season with a seamless blending of Inalsa Stand Mixer. The mixer features a 1000 W powerful motor that is 100% copper winded to give you safety while operating. 

It features a 5 ltr large bowl that provides you with enough space for mixing or beating ingredients for a large number of people. This mixer is a smart choice for those who have started their home baking journey. 

The 10 levels of different speed functions of this mixer let you cook in different speed settings within a short duration of time. The LED indicator tracks the status of the task and informs you with a light indication.  

Safety features like anti-slip feet, dustproof, splash guard, overheat protection has made it easy and safe for use. Apart from that, the manufacturer provides a 2 years decent warranty with the product. 

  • Provide flawless and safe kitchen experience.
  • Features a stylish design.
  • It is a multi-purpose baking appliance.

  • Comes with a little kneading dough.

Editor’s Verdict

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The Inalsa stand mixer can prepare anything with less time. It can accommodate 5 litres of quantity easily. If you need mixing for your large family in a short time, this is the best to consider. 

2. AGARO Royal Stand 1000W Mixer

Key Features

  • 8-speed setting.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • 100% copper winding.
  • Splash resistant body.

People always try to buy something that meets their purpose. If you want to get a stand mixer for making a large quantity of food, then this is the product that you can consider. 

The AGARO Royal Stand 1000W Mixer can easily meet your need for making a larger quantity of foods by equipping a 5-litre bowl along with the pack. If you want to get an affordable stand mixer with a larger capacity, then this will be the best to fit your budget. 

The stand mixer is considered a power mixture which is 25% lighter than another brand on the list. The product is a versatile product helping you to make various savoury items such as sweets, cookies, cake, etc. 

The 1000 W copper winded motor makes it safe for use in any recipe. It comes with 8 different speed levels for doing different tasks like beating, whisking, and doughing. 

If you have children at your home, then this would be the best to consider as it comes with a safety lock mechanism. Hopefully, the overheat proof technology will work best for beginners.

  • Multi-purpose cement hub makes it versatile.
  • 1000 watt power.
  • 100% copper winding.

  • Not available every time.

Editor’s Verdict

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The AGARO Royal Stand 1000W Mixer is a perfect choice for beginners. As it comes with all the safety mechanisms and 8 different speed levels. It allows the user to set speed for different tasks as well. 

3. Lifelong Stand Mixer 1000W with 5L SS Bowl

Key Features

  • 100% pure copper motor.
  • 8-speed options.
  • 1000 W power motor.
  • 5 ltr Stainless steel bowl.
  • LED regulator knob.

Stand mixers are a great choice for people who want hand free mixing operations in 1000 W motors that are perfect for  Indian kitchens. The power is ideal for handling even the thickest dough within a short duration of time. 

The moving head and rotating bowl make a planetary motion effect that results in consistent mixing or roti doughing. Overall the product ensures perfect mixing at a faster speed. 

The stand mixer features 8 different speed controls that make things to it’s desired consistency. Whether a particular recipe needs a particular speed for mixing, beating and whisking, you can decide speed level as per your preference. 

Other accessories include a dough hook, beater, whisk, etc to make the mixer a complete item for your kitchen. Now you can enjoy any recipe easily within a short duration of time with this stand mixer.

  • Planetary mixing.
  • 5 ltr bowl.
  • Multiple speed options.
  • Pure copper winding.

  • No cons.

Editor’s Verdict

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Lifelong is another best kitchen appliance brand that makes seamless products at an affordable budget. This mixer has a planetary mixing system that makes blending efficiently. You will also get a decent warranty from the manufacturer of this mixer. 

4. Wonderchef Stand Mixer and Beater

Key Features

  • Die-cast metal housing.
  • Planetary mixing action.
  • Pulse speed setting.
  • Detachable aluminium blade.
  • Anti-skid feet at the bottom.

Wonderchef makes it another great company that combines German Standard quality with Italian design in their stand mixer. Using the stand mixer, you can make roti, pizza, cakes and pastry easily. 

The Wonderchef Stand Mixer surface is made with a die-cast metal housing that makes the product durable. Apart from that, the durable material makes the product strong enough to withstand vibration during operation. 

The anti-skid feet of the machine make it stable in position even when in operation. The motor of the machine is 1000W, which makes your preparation in a short time. 

It comes with 6 different speeds to accommodate your required speed for a particular recipe. You can also prepare food here for a long time. As the bowl is a 5ltr capacity bowl made with stainless steel.

Most importantly, the a Wonderchef Stand Mixer comes with three different multipurpose attachments for mixing, whisking and kneading.

  • High-quality mixer.
  • 6 different speed settings.
  • Large quantity mixing bowl
  • Skid-resistant product.

  • Spare parts are not available in every location of India. 

Editor’s Verdict

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Wonder chef is one of the most reputed brains of India. This stand mixer is from the house. of Wonderchef and integrates the awesome quality that a stand mixer should have. 

5. Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Tilt 5-quart Ksm150pser Artisan Red Brand

Key Features

  • 325 Watt motor.
  • 5-quart stainless steel bowl.
  • 67 point planetary mixing.
  • 2 piece pouring shield.
  • All metal base.

KitchenAid is one of the oldest kitchen appliance brands in India which has been in the industry for 20 centuries. This stand mixer is one of their expertise areas. The capacity of these stand mixers is 4.8 ltr which can easily accommodate a large family. 10 different speed settings help in making recipes as per wish. 

There is a perfect combination of minimum noise and maximum efficiency. It can make meringue, roti, chapati, cookies, cake, bread in minimum noise operation. But harder dough makes a bit of noise. 

It comes with a tilt-headed design that allows you to put ingredients easily, not the bowl during operation. The mixing bowl has a handle that makes it easy to use. The splash guard fit the bowl on the right way without disturbing the position of the mixer.

  • Durable and reliable.
  • Silent operation.
  • Attachments make it easy to use.

  • Speed lever is not pleasant to you.

Editor’s Verdict

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The stand mixer is a perfect choice for you if you want to make it often for a large number of people. You can get so many attractive colour options for the kitchen appliance. This is one of the best innovations from the brand KitchenAid. 

6. MYSA SM-1502 Stand Mixer Planetary Drive Food Mixer

Key Features

  • 5.5 ltr bowl.
  • LED power button.
  • Pure copper motor.
  • Sturdy ABS housing.
  • Tilt head for easy operation.

Nowadays people look for kitchen appliances that can handle multiple tasks. The MYSA SM-1502 Stand Mixer Planetary Drive Food Mixer can do the kneading, beating, whisking and other tasks easily. 

The 800W powerful motor makes it easy to use for a long time. Apart from that, it has six different functions for preparing a variety of recipes at the same time. 

The high-quality ABS housing plastic makes it perfectly durable. This stand mixer is not only fit for an enormous look and performance but also easy to maintain and clean. It comes in a compact shape and design makes the product easy to store. It features a tilt-headed design that makes the product easy to put items on when operating. The quantity slip rubber button bottom of the mixer makes it safe for the user when in the highest speed setting. 

The prod high-quality high-quality stainless steel attachment and aluminium armaments make your job easy. Multiple attachments are old in this product and are appreciated by the users.

  • It comes with a one year warranty. 
  • Ideal for preparing delicious recipes.
  • Design is user friendly.

  • Quality could be better.

Editor’s Verdict

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The MYSA SM-1502 Stand Mixer Planetary Drive Food Mixer comes with an ergonomic design that is easy to use. Moreover, you can use the product for multipurpose. It comes with all the best qualities and features which are also within your budget. 

Hand Mixer vs Stand Mixer – What Should You Buy

Are you a keen baker? Most probably you have already decided to buy a mixer as all of your arms and muscles are crying for help in mixing, baking and kneading. But what should be suitable for you- hand mixer or stand mixer?

Whether you need a stand mixer or hand mixer, it depends on the kitchen size, baking quantity, etc. Read both pros and cons of a hand blender and stand mixer to choose one that suits you. 

Stand Mixer

The stand mixer will be the best choice for you if you are a professional baker. This is a multi-tasking kitchen appliance that does tasks like tough mixing, kneading dough, etc.

Hand Mixer

The hand Mixer r is for people who bake occasionally. If you have less kitchen space, then this is the right option to go for.

So, for occasional use, a hand Mixer is good. A stand mixer is only for those who need to prepare a lot of items regularly. Apart from that, the hand Mixer cost less than the stand mixer. So, the budget also plays a role in deciding whether you should go for a hand Mixer or stand mixer.

Benefits of Stand Mixers

Whether you are an expert chef or beginner or baking occasionally or regularly, the stand mixer can make your life easier. Here are benefits if stand mixer is given below:

Hands-Free Operation

One of the biggest benefits of a stand mixer is that it allows the machine to operate without hand operation. You can easily smash here, mix and beat without needing your hand.

Just put the stuff there and run the machine at the desired speed. Now you can prepare delicious chocolate cake without getting your fingers tossed with creamy chocolate sauce.


Most people think that a stand mixer is only used for cake, dough and meringue making it optionally a useful product.

But in reality, the stand mixer can handle a lot of tasks like pizza dough, cupcake batter, whisking, kneading etc. Apart from that, the stand mixers are the same as useful for making meatballs, guacamole and frosting. 


For efficiency and reliability, you can trust the stand mixer without any hesitation. For prolonged use, stand mixers are the best option to try. They are durable and provide you service for a long lifespan. 


The stand mixer comes with a high-quality stainless steel bowl that can accommodate a large quantity of food. So, this is another greatest advantage of a stand mixer. 


Some of the stand mixers come with different speed settings and programmes. You can select the speed setting here and set a timer for your task. So, you can do another task at the same time when using the stand mixer. 

These all are the benefits of a stand mixer. Stand mixer costs a bit more than another type of mixer. But it can help with other kitchen tasks. 

How To Buy Stand Mixer

A stand mixer is a must-have for people who are keen bakers. This fantastic kitchen gadget makes baking, whisking, beat g and dough preparation like a breeze.

There are different features, sizes and weights, price ranges for a stand mixer. Let’s read its buying guide to get the right stand mixer for your home. 

Size and Weight

Large mixers are for the people who need to bake throughout the week and want to feed a large family. Make sure your mixer has a powerful motor for kneading dough. The mixer should be lightweight so that you can keep it on your countertop.

If you don’t bake for more than two people and your kitchen has a small space, you should go for a mixer that is small in size. These small mixers are also easy to move. 


Price is another important factor that needs to be considered while buying a stand mixer. Different factors make a price for a stand mixer such as brand name, capacity, feature, special attachments, etc. You can pick a good stand mixer at the rate of 10,000 onwards. Some are also available at a lower price.

But make sure the product is sturdy enough and will not break down even when used repeatedly. A stand mixer is an asset to your kitchen. So, make the purchase a little worthy by investing but more cash. 

Bowl Size and Capacity

Mixer bowl in a stand mixer can come in different ranges of sizes. The most standard size of bowl varies between 4.5 ltr to 5.5 ltr. For the professional baker or home chef, 6 ltr size is also available. The bowls are generally made of plastic, glass, ceramic or stainless steel.

However, a variety of colours and designs are available and you can buy them as per your kitchen decor. Make sure the bowl is made of metal or stainless steel that endorse purity and durability. 

Mixer attachments

The stand mixers are available with different attachments that make the kitchen work easy. These common attachments often include a dough hook, whisker, beater, etc. You should go for one who offers almost every attachment with their mixer pack. 

Speed setting

Different types of food need different speed settings. Whether it is a hand mixer or a stand mixer, they generally offer 3-12 types of speed settings. Choose one that has a slow setting. It allows adding ingredients without the mess.

The highest speed setting is best to mix for meringue. The three-speed option is a basic need for the stand mixer but more speed setting pays off more. 


The stand mixers are available in different attractive colour options. While the white and black one is the basic colour. If you want to match your kitchen decor with your stand mixer colour, you can choose one as per your preference.

Nowadays, a new trend of red kitchen appliances makes it one of the most popular colours for kitchen appliances. 

Ease of cleaning

Hand mixers are much easier to clean than stand mixers. The stand mixers have so many parts, so it needs some more time for making the cleaning process. You need to take care of the parts that are not dishwasher safe.

Depending upon the need, wash the mixing bowl with your hand. Clean the parts and dry them with a wet cloth. Read the label instructions for caring for and washing your stand mixer to make it run in the long run. 

Planetary action

This is another important feature to look for in a stand mixer. The planetary action of a stand mixer ensures efficient mixing and blending every time you operate the machine. Planetary mixing action means the machine runs on its axis in one direction and orbits around the bowl in opposite direction. 

The capacity of the stand mixer

This is the first and foremost thing that you should check when buying a stand mixer. For domestic use, you should choose a mixer that has 2.5 ltr to 5 ltr of capacity. For 2-3 members, the medium-capacity stand mixer can work best. For a large family, you must need a higher capacity stand mixer. 

These all are the things you should look for when buying a stand mixer for your home.

 How to Properly Use a Stand Mixer

Stand mixers are versatile kitchen appliances. It allows you to do multiple tasks. Below the guide for using a hand mixer properly is given below:

👍 First, place your stand mixer on a flat or hard surface. The right surface ensures the stability of the machine when in operation. Store it in a cupboard or sheet when not in use.
👍 Select the right attachment for the recipe you are making. Attach the accessory with the head of the kitchen appliance to accomplish the task you need to do.
👍 Secure the mixing bowl with your stand mixer. Make sure this is in the right place to start the torque.
👍 Add ingredients slowly. Tilt head stand mixer provides more convenience to add ingredients in the bowl.
👍 The stand mixer typically has 8-10 different speed settings. You need to choose one depending on the recipe you want to make with it. Always remember, speed plays an important role in food. That means higher speed may not always be ideal for your food.
👍 Keep an eye on the mixing bowl. Don’t overeat or mix the food in your stand mixer. You should always maintain the right consistency for the food.

​Safety Tips while using a Stand Mixer

A stand mixer is an asset to your kitchen. It can last for years when used properly. Here are some safety tips for using a stand mixer is given below:

Read the instructions for your stand mixer. It ensures you are using it properly. Keep the mixer in a place that is easily accessible. If you don’t find an answer for any particular use, then ask your customer support.
✅ If you are using a stand mixer daily, then don’t put it in a cupboard. Rather place it in a safe place on your countertop. You can also cover it with a dust cover.
✅ You should never use attachments from different manufacturers. As it may cause hazardous issues and electric shock.
✅ When using a dough hook attachment, make sure to give it a low-speed setting. Higher settings may overheat the motor and eventually damage the machine.
✅ You should not overload the mixer. Most of the stand mice come with overload protection that stops the machine when it is overloaded. In that case, unplug it and reduce the load for perfect operation.
✅ The stand mixer comes with enough lubrication when in new condition. Over the years, it may lose its lubrication. In that case, grease some oil every year to ensure the safety of the motor.

​Proper steps of Cleaning a Stand Mixer

Before you start cleaning the mixer, make sure this is unplugged. Wipe down the machine with a soapy sponge and make sure to clean the cord too. Wash the bowl every time you use the mixer.

Otherwise, soak it in a little warm water. As the batter tends to get stocked on the bowl, you should give it a good wash every time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Best stand mixer

Q: What is the best stand mixer for beginners?

The Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Tilt 5-quart Ksm150pser is the best stand mixer for beginners. It comes with 10 different speed settings that make the machine easy to use. The 5-quart capacity mixing bowl makes it ideal even for a large family. 

Q: Are stand mixers worth it?

Yes. You need a stand mixer if you bake regularly for a large number of people at home. Apart from that, you can use it without messing up your hand. They last for a long time if proper care is taken.

​Q: How long do stand mixers last?

Every Kitchen appliance needs care for a long lifespan. The stand mixers are also not an exception. Clean it after every use and store it in the right way. Follow the safety tips of using the stand mixer. Many users have reported that their stand mixer has lasted 25 years with proper maintenance. 


Now you know a stand mixer is an ideal choice for you if you bake and make cookies more often. For roti and chapati, the stand mixer can be helpful for making dough. It features hand free operation.

So you don’t need to mess up your hand while using the best stand mixer in India. Stand mixer is an expensive product. So you must look it’s feature that can meet your needs. Hope, with the above information and buying guide, you can buy the right one for your kitchen.

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