Best Rice Cooker Brands in India 2022 (An Unbiased List)

The Indian rice cooker market is growing at a high rate in recent years. Major factors that have driven the market size growth of rice cookers are production and rice consumption in India.

Another important factor of this huge growth is the rising awareness for energy-saving and household expenses saving. 

If you ask me about the best rice cooker brands in India, then several top brands like Bajaj, Hawkins, Prestige, Panasonic, BMS, Toshiba, Greenlife, Kent, Philips and Pigeon will come into my mind. All of these brands offer rice cookers at different ranges with advanced features. 

Best Rice Cooker Brands in India

Why Choosing the Best Rice Cooker Brands in India is Important

It’s not exclusive to rice cookers. We should always stick to best brands only while purchasing anything online or offline. Brands invest a lot of time, effort and energy to build a loyal consumer base. So, it’s evident that the products of such quality brands are also decent.

In short, brand plays a crucial role in buying any product. A good brand is always trusted and reliable for the customers. People also go for the brand that is for years in the same market. 

Electric Rice cookers have evolved into essential cooking appliances nowadays. They save the cost of energy and provide well-cooked food in no time. Apart from that, this is a higher saver for busy families. If you are looking to buy a cooker, then we would suggest to do that from the best rice cooker brands in India only.

To know about them you just need to read the article till its end.

Top 6 Best Rice Cooker Brands in India of 2022

Brands always play a vital role in buying any product. If you are also looking for a good brand of rice cooker, then follow our article. Here we have introduced the top 6 best rice cooker brands in India of 2022 that are leading the drive cooker industry.

Our research to find those brands has taken more than 3 months. We have run out of research on more than 50 brands in the industry. I hope, it will help you a lot. 

1. Bajaj

Bajaj Electronic Ltd is an electric consumer brand that keeps a diversified product list in its testimonials. It should be your topmost choice brand when buying any kitchen appliance like a rice cooker. The first thing to notice in this brand of rice cooker is its innovative design.

Bajaj is one of the oldest and trusted brands of India. They offer quality products without drilling a hole in your pocket. They offer products in various ranges with different features. You can come to one as per your requirement.

Let’s share a complete survey of our pick from Bajaj.

Strength of the Bajaj

  • High performance product in all categories.
  • Number one position in export
  • High economies of scope and scale.
  • Product at affordable range.

Weakness of the Bajaj

  • Limitation of designs.
  • Features could be innovative

Our Top Pick

Bajaj Majesty New RCX 5 Multifunction Rice Cooker

The model comes with an aluminium body with anodised touch up. The anodised touch up makes the pot durable and corrosion-free. It features two cool-touch handles that make lifting rice easy even when the cooker is hot. 

The stainless steel lid is one of the most important elements of this cooker. The steam vents on this lid make the steam reales easy which ensures perfect cooked rice.

The Bajaj RCX 5 1.8-Litre rice cooker can cook rice for more than 4-5 members. So it enables you to cook 1 kg rice in a few minutes. It only consumes 550w of power to cook maximum rice. As it is heated up fast it ensures less usage of electricity with maximum output.

2. Panasonic

Panasonic brands need no introduction in the world of electronics. A few years ago the brand kept its footprint in cooking appliances. Based on the philosophy to serve better, the company aims to provide their customers with “A Better Life, A Better World.”

Panasonic ranks 7th as the largest electronic company of India. In addition to the luxury category electronic items, Panasonic also plays a vital role in distributing household appliances and kitchens. Panasonic also holds their reputation in the market for extensive quality product, technology and innovation skill.

For sure, it is one of the best rice cooker brands in India.

Strength of Panasonic

  • Panasonic provides Japanese innovation and quality.
  • They produce long lasting high standard quality products.
  • Above 10,000 big selection of products.

Weakness of Panasonic

  • Pricing could have been better.
  • Technology needs to be upgraded.

If you are a real fan of Panasonic and want to buy a rice cooker from Panasonic, then consider the product below.

Our Top Pick

Panasonic SR-WA22H(E) Automatic Rice Cooker

The capacity of this rice cooker is 2.2 ltr. It allows you to cook rice 1.25 kg at a time. CRCA is an exclusive food-grade material that has been induced in this model. The stainless steel lid is durable enough. The inside aluminium cooking pan has great heat cooking capability. 

The two heat resistant handles ensure to handle the cooker when this is heated up. The most interesting feature of this comer is its 5 hours heat retention capacity. So, you can plug it in and go outside if needed. The auto ff facility will not overcook the rice.

The operating voltage is 220-240 V for this cooker. It consumes only 750-watt electricity. So the Panasonic SR-WA22H(E) Automatic Rice Cooker means less electricity but efficient function.

3. Sheffield

Sheffield is one of the top electric cooking appliances companies. The company produces multifunctional products. One of the most interesting things about this cooker is its design. The designs of the Sheffield are compact even if you carry them along with you.

Strength of Sheffield

  • Strong brand portfolio
  • Fantastic track record in developing new products in the industry.
  • Strong dealer community overall.

Weakness of the brand

  • Success is only a core business platform.
  • Not able to compete with leading players in the industry.

The top picked rice cooker from this brand is below:

Our Top Pick

Sheffield 3-In-1 Aluminum Multi-Cooker 1.1 L

This multifunctional and smart cooker can cook easily for any small family. The multipurpose cooker looks impressively bright orange. The tempered glass meta stable lid of this rice cooker allows you to watch the whole process of cooking the rice from outside. 

The non-stick coated pans and pots are durable and come with multiple temperature control options. The 800 Watt power keeps it ideal for grilling, boiling and cooking price.

You can also use the cooker with various pots. Whether you are travelling outside or a student, the multipurpose cooker can be a one-stop solution for all. 


Sowbhagya – a brand of kitchen appliances introduced themselves in the industry with their exclusive range of mixer grinders. They have gained popularity for their exclusive quality products. Soon the company started to make other exciting kitchen products.

Rice cookers are another successful innovation among all other kitchen appliances. The brand has so many positive reviews from users for its performance, looks, function etc. Currently it is one of the best rice cooker brands in India.

Strength of Sowbhaghya

  • Features at very low budget
  • Price is standard as per quality.
  • Produce long lasting and durable.

Weakness of Sowbhaghya

  • Don’t have different ranges of products.
  • Only domestic distribution.

We have picked one of the best rice cookers from Sowbhagya. 

Our Top Pick

SOWBAGHYA Annam Plus 2.8 L Rice Cooker

The Sowbhagya Anam rice cooker presents freshly cooked rice in just minutes. Not only rice, but it also offers you a taste of the delicacies of vegetable pulao, lemon rice as well as plain steamed rice. The automatic power-off feature doesn’t make the rice overcooked. Once the rice is prepared, it automatically goes on its warm mode that keeps the rice warm for a long time by hours. 

The detachable power cord system allows you to detach the power cord when it is not in use. The rice cooker comes with an anodized aluminium container that is heat resistant and durable. The cool-touch handle makes handling the cooker easy when the cooker is extremely hot. 

5. Philips

Philips is one of the leading international kitchen appliances brands that offer extensive quality kitchen items. Philips started their company with some small electronic items. As soon as they started to gain popularity, they introduced exclusive electronic items which also include rice cookers.

Strength of Philips Brand

  • Hold a strong market position.
  • Strong focus on R&D
  • Excellent customer assistance.

Weakness of Philips

  • Philips has received more than 50 class action suits in recent times.
  • Frequent product recall.

Here we have picked the best rice cooker from the house of Philips. Let’s know about it. 

Our Top Pick

Philips HL1665/00 1.8-Litre Electric Rice Cooker

Now let your family enjoy tasting freshly cooked rice every time. The Philips HL1665/00 1.8-Litre Electric Rice Cooker is a powered b450-watt watt motor that ensures efficient performance in the long run. The automatic keep-warm feature keeps the cooker warm for long hours

 Apart from that, the automatic off will make it off when the rice is already prepared. You can easily cook 700-1 kg rice at a time. That means this is an ideal choice for a small serving.

It comes with a starch separator in the bottom that ensures each grain is cooked well. The Philips brand also offers 2 years of guarantee with the product and 5 years of warranty. The features make the product worth buying.

6. Havells

Havells is always a trusted and reliable brand for Indian consumers. The first thing that people think about this brand is its product quality. However, the brand charges a little bit high price for their products. Still,  quality, performance and function make everyone decide to go for the branded products every time. Havell brand in Rice cooker is not an exception.

Since it was first introduced in the market, the users have only given it positive reviews. Arguably it is one of the best rice cooker brands in India.

Strength of Havells Brand

  • High recall in brand
  • It has different product ranges.
  • Presence for product globally
  • In house manufacturing

Weakness of Havells Brand

  • Globally small market share
  • Unorganized market

Let’s see why we choose Havells 1.8LtR cooker as the best rice cooker on the list. 

Our Top Pick

Havells GHCRCCZK070 1.8L Rice Cooker

The Havells GHCRCCZK070 1.8L Rice Cooker comes with a 1.8ltr overall capacity that makes the product ideal for any small family. Provided with Trivet Tray, it doesn’t let the rice get stuck with the bottom of the cooker. The automatic warm fake Epson mode keeps rice fresh and warm for rust-free stainless steel and is durable and also makes the product much more reliable for the consumers. When the temperature rises, the cooker will be automatically off. So you don’t have to go about burning food. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Which rice cooker brand is best in India for multipurpose use?

The Sheffield brand can be an ideal choice for you if you want to buy a multi-purpose rice cooker. Let it be to grill or boil. This can be an ideal choice for beginners also. 

Q: Are the rice cookers of these brands available at Online?

Yes, all the above-mentioned are available online. You can also get a high discount on MRP while buying those from legit sites. Along with the brands, the best product of these brands is mentioned here for your help. 

Q: Which is the best but budget-friendly cooker brand?

Bajaj can be the best but budget-friendly rice cooker brand. As it offers all the good features that a rice cooker should have. Enough for cooking rice for small to medium medium-sized families.

Final Word

Hope you have found the right brand for buying a rice cooker. We have also mentioned the top picks from the brand. Read them, research a bit on them and choose the best suit for you. Let’s give your tastebuds an awesome taste of every Indian’s favourite food – rice.

If you wanna add any brand’s name in this coveted list of best rice cooker brands in India 2022, then feel free to mention its name in the comments section below, and we will add it in this list if we feel like.

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