Best Grill Pan in India 2022: Reviews & Expert Buyer’s Guide

I like grilled meat and veggies a lot, but if I am being honest it’s not possible to depend only on restaurants for that due to budget constraint. That’s why I purchased a grill pan for my kitchen to satisfy my cravings.

If I know my readers well, they are also like me only. So if you’re reading this I am assuming that you too don’t like to create a big hole in your pocket. So it’s better to pick the best grill pan in India now to avoid regretting later.

In fact, the budget is not the only issue. It’s not ideal for our health to eat out on a regular basis. If your budget permits and you have enough space then you can go for a full-size gas or charcoal grill as well. But most of the Indian kitchens won’t have that. 

best grill pan in India
Best Grill Pan in India (2022 Version)

So, even if you won’t get the same taste as the outdoor BBQ. Still, grill pans are great to give you juicy, less greasy food with perfect grill lines.

Almost all the best grill pan in India is not only for making meat and other plant-based meat substitutes but also can prepare summer veggies, bread toast, and sandwiches. 

Demand Growth for Grill Pans in India

The demand for grill pans is increasing every day. Now people know its core benefits in the kitchen. It helps us to avoid eating out grilled foods in expensive restaurants and also keeps us fit and fine without compromising.

As per Verified Market Research, the cumulative sales of Grill Pans in India is only increasing year on year. It is being estimated that this trend will continue for next one decade or so.

There are different styles and sizes of grill pans available in the market. You may find it difficult to choose one. Here is a list of best grill pan in India. Hope the article will help you to find the best.

Quick Summary (Top 3 Products)

Best Durable Grill Pan: Lodge 10.5 Inch Square Cast Iron Grill Pan
Best Budget Friendly Grill Pan: Cello Aluminium Non-Stick Grill Pan Square
Best Rated Grill Pan: Wonderchef Granite Non-Stick Grill Pan

Top 9 Best Grill Pan in India of 2022 : A Detailed Review

If you are looking for a good grill pan, then check our list. We have made a list of the best grill pan in India of 2022. We have tested more than 200 products to choose only 9 products. The research took more than 2 months. I hope you will find the right one from here as per your requirement. 

Lodge 10.5 Inch Square Cast Iron Grill Pan

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Key Features

  • 10.5-inch square-shaped pan.
  • Seasoned cookware
  • Cast iron griddle
  • Popular branded product


Now you don’t need to go outside to give your taste bud a break for enjoying the juicy charred burger or steaks. Grab the grill pan from the house of Lodge and enjoy grilled foods every day. This product can be used on any type of cooktop such as induction, gas stove, etc. 

It features high edges on its side. It helps you from splatters. It comes with high ridges that give you beautiful grill marks on your grilled food. 

Lodge offers 100% authentic seasoning in this model of a grill pan. The seasoning is made with vegetable oil only, so there will be no risk for health issues. Interestingly, the more you use the pan, the more the seasoning will be effective. 

It features highly durable material that will prevent rust for a long time. The design is also exclusive. Another feature of this grill is its lightweight feature. You can easily lift it from one to another place. Make sure to take proper care of the grill pan. 

You can use this pan for multiple fries, grills, etc. That means, it offers the latest versatility. To enjoy the original taste of grilled food, you should immediately bring it to your home.

  • Cast iron material.
  • Durable and versatile product.
  • Ridges are thick and high.
  • Edges are raised enough.

  • Weight could be a bit light.

Editor’s Verdict

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This is one of the best choices for you if you love a durable grill pan. The quality of this grill pan is good enough that ensures longevity. Cast iron makes the grilling process smooth and easy. 

Wonderchef Granite Non-Stick Grill Pan

Key Features

  • Virgin Grade Aluminium.
  • PFOA/Heavy Metals Free.
  • Soft-Touch Handles.
  • 2 Years Warranty.
  • 5-layer non-stick coating.


Wonderchef is one of the most popular names in the kitchen appliance industry. It produces incredible cooking products that are appreciated in most Indian kitchens. This product is one of those gems that belong to the Wonderchef cooking appliance list. 

Now enhance your culinary experience with this classic Wonderchef Granite Non-Stick Grill Pan. Like other products in their testimonials, they ensure sturdiness and durability in this product also with its 5 Level Professional Grade MetaTuff non-stick coating. The MetaTuff non-stick coating ensures less oil usage in the dishes. 

Wonderchef not only focuses on its features and design. But also they ensure their products are free from any chemical and toxic substances during heating. Without any hesitation, you can use this pan for regular usage also. 

The appliance can go smoothly on every cooktop that includes a ceramic, induction cooktop, gas stove, and infrared cooktops. As it features a quality non-stick coating, it will be tough to clean it regularly. 

Apart from that, Wonderchef provides free repairing service due to any malfunction during its warranty period. The handles are designed ergonomically, so it will be easy to handle the heated pan.

  • Made with high-quality aluminium.
  • 2-year warranty service.
  • Extremely affordable cook pan.
  • Can go with every type of heat source. 
  • Don’t leave oil stains for a long time as it will be difficult to clean. 

Editor’s Verdict

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If you also want to buy a grill on your pocket-friendly budget, then this is the best option. This product is ideal for those who often don’t get much time for cleaning utensils in the kitchen. 

The Indus Valley Natural Cookware Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Grill Pan

Key Features

  • Economically designed
  • Less oil consumption
  • Best quality cast iron
  • Natural non-stick finish
  • Raised ridges on the pan


The highly durable cast iron grill pan ensures supreme toughness and can withstand even higher temperatures. Not to mention, you will get an authentic flavour of the grill every time you cook with it. 

The most important feature of this grill pan is its pre-seasoning or natural non-stick layer. Now you can take care of your health by cooking in less oil with this grill pan. The seasoning is efficient to help in the longevity of the pan. 

The product is absolutely easy to clean. With proper care, it can go beyond its service life. You can use the product in any type of heat source. For a detailed guide to use it for eg, you should properly follow its user manual or contact the manufacturer.

  • Durable construction. 
  • Excellent heat retention.
  • Easy to store.
  • Two loop side handles.
  • Compatible with gas stove only.

Editor’s Verdict

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If you are looking for an affordable grill pan with impeccable quality, then you can buy it. Apart from the Indus Valley Natural cast iron grill pan takes utmost care for your health. 

Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan

Key Features

  • Oven safe product
  • Crowd-pleasing cooker
  • Two loop-style handles
  • Feature grease tap on both sides


This is a multi-usage grill pan that is ideal for your regular grilling task. One of the best benefits is that flipping becomes easy with this pan and the ribbed side places a perfect mark on the food. 

It comes with a 20 x 10.5 inches width that is ideal to serve a family. Less than one-inch thickness makes it easy to store in any place. The product is extremely lightweight. So, you can use it without feeling unwanted heaviness. 

It comes with two pans combo and one is with ridges and the other is flat. So you can also use it for any frying purposes. However, like other cast iron pans, it takes a bit more time to get heated up. Once it gets heated, it provides terrific retention on the food. 

The grill pan comes as a pre-seasoned grill pan. So, it makes the product easy to clean up. The versatility of the product has made it one of the most popular grills pans for users. However, it can distribute heat everywhere. So, you will get a healthy, delicious grill every time you want.

  • Comes as a combo.
  • Pre-seasoned grill pan.
  • Reversible grill pan.
  • Great heat retention.
  • Heat adjustment depended on the stove.

Editor’s Verdict

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This is no doubt a great option for those who want to serve food for a large number of members. The product is extremely thick and classy. It has easy to flip flat surfaces which makes it unique from others.

Cello Aluminium Non-Stick Grill Pan Square

Key Features

  • Best quality aluminium material.
  • High heat conductivity.
  • Non-stick coating.
  • Sturdy handle.


Since 1986, Cello has provided a long and best service in the world of cookware. The company has launched its most affordable and versatile grill pan that has gained too many positive reviews from the users. 

The pan material is aluminium that comes with a thick base. Though, you can use this pan only if you have a stove. The excellent non-stick coating ensures zero oil consumption while cooking. 

The users report that the pan is highly conductive and efficient for versatile cooking purposes whether it’s a paneer kebab or cheese sandwich grilled burger.

The handle is designed economically and poses easy movability when handling a heated situation. If you are a beginner in the kitchen and want to serve delicious grilled food, then this is ideal for you. The pan is lightweight enough, so now you can take it for your picnic also.

  • Comfortable and cool-touch handle 
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Affordable.
  • Only gas stove friendly.

Editor’s Verdict

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Cello is one of the best affordable pan choices for Indians. The design of this grill pan is simply classy for experimenting varieties of cooking. Now, you can  easily take them to your picnic due to their lightweight features.

Bhagya Cast Iron Cookware Iron Grill Pan

Key Features

  • Pre-seasoned with ginger oil
  • 100% chemical-free coating
  • Great heat retention
  • Every type of heat source is compatible


This is another exclusive grill pan on our list. Bhagya brand has ruled the kitchen appliance industry for more than 35 years. They offer a premium cooking appliance that is easy to use and safe.

It enhances the quality of your grilled food with the touch of exclusive cast iron material. Like others, you can use it in both gas stove, oven or in induction. 

The most interesting thing about this grill pan is the use of ginger oil to make it preseasoned. So, the grilled food will not come with any health hazards when cooking with it. 

This is a 10.5 m pan. So, you can easily cook here for large numbers of people at the same time. The weight of this grill pan is just 3 kg. However, the users report it to be a bit heavy. Still, you can manage it easily. 

It comes with a 1-year warranty for the material or any type of manufacturing defect. The same piece is available at an affordable budget. So, this season spice up your home grilling skill a bit more with Bhagya Cast Iron Cookware Iron Grill Pan.

  • Durability is too good. 
  • No Teflon coating.
  • Come with a cast iron pan.
  • Heavier than other pieces on the list.

Editor’s Verdict

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The Organic oil seasoning of this Bhagya Cast Iron Cookware Iron Grill Pan will be an ideal product  to keep you and your large family healthy and fit.

Vinod Legacy Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Frypan Grill Pan

Key Features

  • Seasoned cast iron pan.
  • Induction cooktop friendly.
  • 24 cm grill pan.
  • Heavy-duty cast iron.


Vinod is another most popular brand in India who mostly deals with stainless steel cookware. However, this product is an innovation in their testimonial. The product has gotten a lot of popularity within a few years. 

The Vinod Legacy Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron FrypanGrill Pan is made of the finest quality cast iron that keeps a good track of health. You will appreciate its classy look along with its cozy performance. 

The grill pan is 24cm that makes it ideal to cook for any large family. It comes with a great thickness of 6 mm which can be used on the both gas stove and induction cooktop. 

The Vinod cast iron cookware is durable enough that can be passed through generations. The high heat retention capability keeps the food warm for a long time though. The thick bottom can evenly spread heat on the food. So, you will get a special and alluring browning on your dish. 

It doesn’t come with any toxic coating or the surface makes your cooking ready in less oil. One of the great benefits of cooking with cast iron is that it adds dietary iron to your food. You can use the pan for multiple uses like frying, Searing, Baking, Braising, and Roasting.

  • 24 cm grill pan.
  • Durable grill pan.
  • Requires less oil.
  • Can perform multiple tasks.
  • Ridges could be a bit higher. 

Editor’s Verdict

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This product is the best if you want a long lasting product with healthy cooking benefits. The noticeable feature of this pan is its size. You can enjoy a delicious grill anytime with your family. 

Impex RUBY-2824 Die-Cast Nonstick Aluminium Double Grill Pan

Key Features

  • 3 layered coatings.
  • 3.5mm thickness.
  • Superior quality diecast.
  • Granite coating inside and outside.


This product is from the house of a relatively new brand Impex. The brand is also not common to its predecessor. You can also use this grill pan for sauteing foods. The most interesting part of this grill pan is its double-sided cooking pan. You can easily flip overcooking items. So, the product offers you awesome flexibility in its usage. 

The special cast iron cast makes the product durable enough.Thanks to its heat retention features, the heat  gets evenly  distributed in the pan during cooking. So you can cook lots of grilled dishes in a very short time.

The pan also comes with an ergonomically designed handle. It helps to maintain your stability and safety in the kitchen with the heat resistant handle. 

This grill pan is dishwasher-friendly. So, you can clean it easily for regular usage. As it features a dual side cook option, so you can cook with minimum oil without yielding less smoke in the kitchen.

  • Dishwasher wash is applicable.
  • Magnetic lock handle. 
  • Heat resistant handle. 
  • It cannot provide you food with dry frying.

Editor’s Verdict

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The Impex RUBY double grill pan is no doubt an innovative model in the grill pan industry. The double side cook makes it easy to toss foods easily. You can try it for multiple dishes rather than only grilling without thinking of the hectic cleaning as it is also dishwasher safe.

Attro Non-Stick Aluminium Gas Compatible Grill Pan

Key Features

  • Matte finish body
  • Nonstick grill made of Aluminium material 
  • Classy look


This affordable grill pan is made of superior aluminum that gets heated quickly. So, you can enjoy this delicious grill a few times. 

The handle of this grill pan is made of bakelite. Bakelite is cool. Even when the pan is extremely hot, you will not find it difficult to handle it.  The pan is only gas stove friendly. 

It comes with three layers of Teflon coating which  not only makes cooking easy but also helps in effortless cleaning. Apart from that, Teflon coating ensures you cook in less oil. Even in less oil, your food will not stick to the pan. 

As it is coated with three layers of Teflon. Make sure to clean the pan every time you cook with it. It prevents oil deposition. You should always pre-season it with proper instruction to get hassle-free cooking every time. 

This is one of the best options for those who want to buy a grill pan on a pocket budget. It is provided with a sturdy handle that makes it easy to handle every time. 

This product is compatible with gas ovens only. So you need to take proper care when using it. It makes the food look like an outdoor grill. So, you should not hesitate to clock on the but option for this grill pan.

  • 3 layered non-stick coating.
  • Provided with a sturdy handle.
  • Provides convenient cooking.
  • Easy to clean product.
  • The pan gets heated too quickly. So handle it properly. 

Editor’s Verdict

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This is a perfect choice for those who want convenient cooking on a moderate budget. It provides you with a tasty grill  at your home in no time. 

How Does a Grill Pan Work

 As soon as you switch on the power of your gas stove or oven, the heat gets distributed evenly on all the parts of your grill pan. The ridges touch the food but the bottom part can not. The foods on the part of the ridge get cooked quickly and leave a grill mark sign on them.  

As the bottom part can not touch the food. It is cooked with the radiation of the pan and leaves a nice brown and charred color on the food. The depression of the grill pan removes the water vapor from the food and it allows it to maintain a high temperature there. Make sure to marinate it properly before you put food on the grill pan to enhance its taste.

Grill Pan Vs Skillet Vs Frying Pan

The major difference between grill pan, skillet and frying pan is in their bottom surface. While the grill pan comes with ridges, the frying pan and skillet don’t. The skillet and fry pan are almost the same but the skillet has a deeper base than the frying pan. The skillet comes with a lid where the frying pan doesn’t. 

The grill pan can be made of aluminum, cast iron, ceramic and stainless steel with base enamel coating. The skillet is most of the time made of cast iron. The frying pans are made of either stainless steel or aluminum. Few of them are only made of cast iron.

The grill pans are specially designed for grilling purposes. It features raised ridges that leave a charred sign onto the food. The skillets are most of the time used for deep frying, curry preparation, etc. The frying pan is best to use for shallow fry, deep fry, sauce making, etc. 

The skillets and grill pan come with  or without non-stick coating. However, the choice depends on you. The nonstick coating surface is easy to clean and requires less oil for cooking. Whereas cast iron without coating needs pre-seasoning to bring back the sense of non-stick.

Best  Grill Pan in India Buying Guide ​  

Enameled or Bare Pans

There are two main types of grill pan which are enameled or bare. The bare pan doesn’t have any coating. There is a chance of sticking easily. However, with pre seasoning you can avoid the issue. 

Enameled grill pan comes with a non-stick coating. Here the food will not be stuck with the pan. But it requires more maintenance compared to the bare one. Proper maintenance ensures the longevity of the coating. 
The enameled pan doesn’t need pre-seasoning. These are easier to use than the bare pan. But the choice depends on the usage of the user.

Design Of The Handle

The handle is another important thing to consider while buying the best grill pan in India. A long handle is always a good option as it makes handling the hot grill pan easy. However, it puts extra weight onto the pan. Nowadays many pans are available with small loop or tongue-type handles. They also make it easy to lift the handle. 

If you are buying a cast iron pan, then make sure that the handle remains cool when the pan is hot. The cool handles don’t allow heat to pass through them.

Grills and Ridges

The raised ridges on the pan create a gap between the food and the pan. It helps in preventing the build-up of the foods. It consumes less oil and takes more time for cooking. The processed foods in raised ridges come with a grill mark on its body. It also prevents the food from being stuck with the pan. 

The shallow ridges are the flat base on the pan. These are also called frying pans. In a frying pan, the food can be cooked quickly and it allows the food to be stuck also. To avoid sticking in the pan, you need to cook here with more oil than the raised ridges.  

If you want grilled marks on your food just like the outdoor grills, then the raised ridges are a great option for you. The frying pan takes less time for cooking, but it doesn’t look like an outdoor grill.

Body/ Materials Used

The manufacturers use a different material for making grill pans. The different types of material provide different features. The material indicates the reliability and durability of the pan. Here are different materials for a grill pan and their benefits are written below:

Aluminum: Aluminium can quickly distribute and get around its corner. Aluminum can also take the high temperature with layers of coating. It also prevents sticking food in the pan. Aluminum is easy to use and clean material. 

Stainless steel: This material also can quickly distribute heat. It comes with a nonstick base coating. They are sturdy and polished steel ensures better taste for food.

Ceramic: Ceramic has high heat retention power. They are not durable and probe to break after falling.


You should always go for a square-shaped grill pan. It offers more surface area than the round one. Apart from that, the corners of this shaped grill pan distribute heat to ensure fast cooking. The round pans are also a great option, but they don’t have space like the square shaped pan. You can place more items in a square shaped own but not in the round shaped grill pan. If you are looking for a grill pan for a large number of people, the square pan will be an ideal choice for you. 

Non-stick Coating

People prefer to go for coating while buying a cast iron grill pan. There are two different types of coating – one is pre-seasoned and the other enamel. The pre-season one lasts longer than the enameled one. As it develops coating over time. The enamel costing is good because these are easy to clean. For stainless steel grill pan, always make sure it has a good coating.

​ Weight

Weight matters a lot for purchasing a cooking product. The heavyweight pan is difficult to move from one place to another place. Apart from that, it poses a certain risk when you need to lift the hot one. The lightweight pan is easy to move from one burner to another. You should always go for a lightweight grill pan. 

Heat Conduction and Radiation

Your grill pan should have the ability to distribute heat evenly. It helps you to avoid food burning due to frequent hotspots. These hotspots result in overlooked or semi-cooked in your desired food. This is no doubt an unpleasant experience for any dish. The parts of the food that don’t touch the bottom of the pan are cooked with radiation. So, you should consider a pan that has good heat radiation power. 

You can grill food in both an oven or stove. If you want to do it in your oven, then make sure the temperature remains between 350°F – 500°F.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Grill Pan

Grilled food looks and tastes alluring. Not all the time people go outside to taste this lip-snacking food. In that case, the grill pan can be a great way to taste food with outdoor grilled food. Grill pan has so many benefits.

But a lot of us find it quite complicated to grill food at home. If you are going to purchase a grill pan, there you should know about its certain advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of a Grill Pan

  • The ridges of the grill pan quickly drain away from the fat, water, and juices of the food. This ensures healthy cooking as the food will not boil on its liquid. 
  • Most of the grill pans are made in cast iron. It can distribute heat evenly. So, you can enjoy delicious, soft, and tasty food every time. 
  • The grilled food prepared on the grill pan looks beautiful. As the lines on the good reassemble like outdoor grill food. 
  • Depending on your need for grilled food, you can buy the surface grill area. Some of the grill pans can also go over two burners easily.

Disadvantages of a Grill Pan

  • Homemade grill food in a grill pan can not be tastier than the outdoor grill. As usual, you will not get a charcoal flavor and smokey flavor.
  • Not all foods can be prepared in a grill pan. You may find it difficult to grill some of the meat on a grill pan. 
  • It can make your kitchen messy and can release a lot of smoke

How to Properly Use a Grill Pan

Grill pans are a great way of enjoying food with a grilling taste. Although, this is quite different from cooking food on a grill pan than the regular stovetop pans. Here the steps for using a grill pan is written below:

Choose the right pan first

You should always choose a grill pan with raised ridges. The more raised it will be, you will have food with a more sear mark. The square-shaped grill pan offers you more room to cook food rather than round one.

Prepare your pan for grilling

Before you pan for grilling food, make sure to wash away the surface with warm water. It helps in removing accumulated dust from its surface.

Prepare your food

You should cut the intended food into thin pieces. This way you can get more prominent char marks. Brush oil onto the food. This way, the food will not burn easily. You can use lavender oil, peanut oil or olive oil that done smells nych

Place the pan on heat

You should heat the pan on medium flame. It ensures the pan surface is heated up evenly. Now place food onto the pan surface. Now cover it with a lid. Let it be just like this. 

Moving the food

Once you place the food items onto the pan, don’t move them for at least one minute. After one minute flip over the food if you see it is burning in the right way. Do not rotate frequently as it may react with the charred mark. 

Take it on your plate

You should continue grilling on both parts of the food. If you see the food is soft enough and ready to eat, then serve it on the plate.  But make sure to check the food if it is well cooked or not.

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How to Clean your Grill Pan

Once you have finished grilling, soak it in warm water for a few minutes. Take a clean cloth and wipe it in hot water. Cover your finger with this cloth and give extra care to removing debris from the grooves between the ridges. Once you have completed your cleaning, make sure to make it air dry. As air dry prevents it from rusting. 

Season ( if required): The cast iron material needs seasoning. Rub some vegetable oil onto the bottom surface of the pan. Rub it with a paper cloth. Heat the pan for some time. Allow the pan to be cool. Now store it in a dry place.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Best Grill Pan in India

Q: Which grill pan is good for your health?

You should choose a grill pan with cast iron coating. The lodge grill pans are made with cast iron. It makes your grill ready and healthy also.

Q: Can you put a pan on a gas grill?

Yes, you can place a grill pan on a gas grill. But make sure the pan is only made of cast iron. Avoid and make it with a chemical coating. As it may ruin your gas grill. 

Q:  How do you season a grill pan?

Seasoning is the process of baking oil on the cast iron surface. The process is also called polymerization. Seasoning prevents your pan from rusting. Rub your pan and apply oil over it. Bake the pan for one hour and let it cool and then store it. 

Final Word

All the above-mentioned grills feature excellent specifications at an affordable price. We have also added a comprehensive buying guide to make your choice heart.

Go through this informative article and choose the best grill pan in India for 2022 with your knowledge. Enjoy your homestay with a delicious grill every time.

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