Best Electric Rice Cookers in India 2022: Reviews & Expert Buyer’s Guide

Most of the Indians have rice as their primary food. As we all know, it takes plenty of time and attention in the traditional way of cooking it. Sometimes it comes out perfect whereas sometimes it’s overcooked.

This problem can be solved by using any one of the best electric rice cookers in India.

An Electric Rice Cooker is such a kitchen appliance that not only makes this cooking procedure easy but also preserve nutrients. Just with a press of a button, it makes fluffy and well-cooked rice for you.

In a traditional way of cooking rice, we lose most of its nutrients. Because we have to drain the water after cooking it. That rice water contains amino acids, B vitamins, vitamin E, minerals, antioxidants.

So, I can preserve most of these nutrients as I only have to drain a little amount of water if I am using a proper rice cooker.

Other than just making rice, you can also try several recipes that just need boiling. I have made Momo, Poha phirni, Mushroom soup, subzi kadhi etc using rice cooker.

Best Electric Rice Cooker: A quick Summary

rice cooker reviews

Best Electric Rice Cookers in India of 2022

There are 2 important things you should keep in mind while using a rice cooker. First, you should always use wooden or food grade plastic spoon/scoop to avoid scratching the surface. Second, you shouldn’t fry anything in rice cooker, there are many recipes that can be made just by boiling, so try those.

Pro Tip: Many of us face issue while measuring rice, a simple way to solve it is using a cup. Cup that is generally available in Indian household can contain 200 gram rice, which is enough for 2-3 people.

For rice cooker the universal ratio of rice and water is 1:2 (1 cup of rice and 2 cup of water), but for basmati rice you need less water.

Prodict#1: PANASONIC SR-WA22H(E) 5.4-LITRE (long lasting)

Panasonic electric rice cooker
Panasonic SR-WA22H(E) 5.4-Litre

Features at a Glance

  1. Capacity: 1.2 KG Rice, a great option for 9-12 people
  2. Material: anodized aluminum (cooking pan), that means it Corrosion resistant.
  3. Electricity usage and operating power: consumes 750 watts and needs 240 volts to operate.
  4. Accessories provided: a rice paddle and a cooking plate, one cooking pot
  5. Warm function: It can keep food warm for 5 hours.
  6. Warranty: 2 years

Long lasting Material

Panasonic is known for its long lasting electronic items. This rice cooker is no different. The outer part is made of “cold rolled close annealed (CRCA)” steel. CRCA steel is much stronger than commonly available hot rolled steel, thus lasts longer. So, accidentally dropping it a few times should not be a problem.

Cold rolled steel is also food grade material, so you don’t have to worry about toxin releasing while cooking. Also, the surface finishing looks way better compared to other type of steel being used to make kitchen appliances.

The pan is made of anodized aluminum as mentioned above. Here are some advantages of it I love: corrosion free, the surface finishing doesn’t fade away even if you are using it for long time, abrasion free, food grade quality as it doesn’t release harmful toxin when heated.

Of course it is ROHS (Restriction of the Use of certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment) compliant. This is the most important thing you should look for while buying a cookware and Panasonic SR-WA22H(E) has that certificate.

Auto Cooking

This made in India cooker makes rice pretty easily. The best part of this cooker is, you don’t need to monitor it. When the rice gets ready, it will auto-shutoff. The rice comes out fluffy as expected. The brand keeps its reputation up to the point. The colour is also impressive.

Appropriate lid and Handles

Just what we need, it comes with a heat proof handles and lid. So, if you touch it unknowingly while cooking, don’t worry your hands won’t get burned. You don’t have to look for a cloth every time you finish cooking. You touch the lid and handles directly.

  • This electric rice cooker is 5 stars rated so energy efficient.
  • Sometimes you may see steam coming out from sides of the lid, it is because the cooker is maintaining proper moisture. 
  • The cooker includes steamer that helps you to make momo and steam vegetables.  
  • 16 idlies can be made at a time. 
  • Only one colour is available (green)

Why buy Panasonic SR-WA22H

Why buy Panasonic SR-WA22H

I have been using this rice cooker for almost 6 years. It has some scratches here and there, It fell from my hand one time yet it is working perfectly fine. A good option for family with 5-7 members

Product#2: SOWBAGHYA ANNAM 1.8 L RICE COOKER (Budget Friendly)

Best Electric Cooker Reviews
SOWBAGHYA Annam Plastic Rice Cooker

Featured at a Glance

  1. Capacity: 1 kg of raw rice (good enough for 7-10 people)
  2. Material: Cooking Container is made of anodized aluminum, while the outer part is of plastic.
  3. Electricity usage and operating power: Consumes 700 watts and needs 230 volts to operate.
  4. Accessories provided: It includes a trivet, measuring cup, a spatula, and two cooking pots.
  5. Warm function: It can keep food warm for 4 hours.
  6. Warranty: 6 Months

Budget Friendly yet Value for Money

Sowbaghya Electric Rice Cooker costs much less compared to other items we have mentioned in this list. Now the question is does it compromise with anything since the price is less?

Well, you may say the warranty is less comparatively but I have seen my friend using it for 2 years, till now the cooker causes no problem.

Moreover, it comes with a measuring cup and two cooking pot at this price. While, PANASONIC SR-WA22H, the product mentioned above comes with just one pot and no measuring cup and costs more than SOWBAGHYA rice cooker.

Measuring cup is important, no one can deny that. It saves the day by solving a lot of confusion regarding measurement.

Another thing you may complain about is the outer part is made of plastic. Mainly that’s why it costs less. but the important questions are, “is it food grade plastic?”, yes. Is the plastic durable? Well, it is durable as it has a double wall plastic body but you can’t expect it to be like CRCA steel, which is the material of PANASONIC SR-WA22H. So, dropping it accidentally may not be okay.

But apart from those negligible shortcomings, it is a value for money product as it comes with important accessories, does its job properly, has all the features that general rice cookers have like auto cooking, heat resistant handle etc. and can serve a medium group of people.

Ideal for Placing in Dining Table

Unlike the first product SOWBAGHYA has detachable power cord, that makes it perfect for placing it in the dining table and serve. It won’t create any mess as you can remove the power cord after using.

  • Easy storage as you can detach the power cord. 
  • lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Cooking pots are chip resistant that means it will not get broken easily   
  • The outer part is made of plastic but double walled



“Sowbaghya Rice Cooker costs much less compared to other cookers. One of my friends who was staying alone was looking for a budget friendly option. I recommended this to her and must say Sowbaghya didn’t compromise on quality in spite of being budget friendly”

Prodict#3: Panasonic SR-WA10H(E) Rice Cooker (Perfect for Small Family)

Best Electric Cooker Reviews
Panasonic SR-WA10H(E)

Featured at a Glance

  1. Capacity: 0.6 KG of Rice (good enough for 3-4 people)
  2. Material: Anodized aluminum (Inner Pot), Metal (outer part)
  3. Electricity usage and operating power: Consumes 450 watts and needs 240 volts to operate.
  4. Accessories provided: 1 Lid, 1 Spatula, 1 cooking pot, 1 perforated plate
  5. Warm function: It can keep food warm for 5 hours.
  6. Warranty: 2 years

Perfect Choice for Small Families

This rice cooker only weighs 2 KG. You require small space to store it.

Other than that the cooker can make 0.6 kg rice at a time. A perfect amount for small family, so you don’t have to worry about measuring rice. Plus, automatic cooking feature saves you from the hassle of checking it time and time again while cooking.

Comes with a cooking plate that is handy if you want to try steam salad and momo.

I have used this product before I bought PANASONIC SR-WA22H(E) and I can say it is sufficient for 2 adults and 2 kids.

Easy to Use

Since our parents find it hard to use modern kitchen appliances, I was looking for a electric rice cooker that is super easy for use.

So, I have gifted this to my mom and she didn’t even ask a single question about how to use it. She got that right away. So, if your parents stay alone, Panasonic SR-WA10H(E) is a good choice.

  • Inbuilt thermostat can control temperature fluctuation 
  • Anodized aluminum is non reactable to food, so it will not release any toxic material 
  • Comes with a perforated plate. To avoid food sticking at the lower surface, you have to put the plate at the bottom of the cooking pan.
  • The cooking bowl and lid is dishwasher safe
  • The handles are not heat resistant, so you have to use a cloth to touch it while cooking. 
  • The warm function can’t be used for reheating food, it is only for keeping food warm

Why buy Panasonic SR-WA10H(E)

Why buy Panasonic SR-WA10H(E)

I gifted this rice cooker to my parents, since they stay alone and it is a convenient choice for a small family. My mother is using it for almost 3 years and has no complain

Prodict#4: SHEFFIELD CLASSIC 3-IN-1 COOKER (Easy to Carry)

best electric rice cookers in India
Sheffield Classic 3-In-1 Aluminum Multi-Cooker 1.1 L
  1. Capacity: 0.4 KG of Rice (good enough for 2 people)
  2. Material: Aluminum (Inner Part), Metal (outer part)
  3. Electricity usage and operating power: Consumes 800 watts and needs 230-240 volts to operate.
  4. Accessories provided: 1 pot for grilling and 1 pot for cooking
  5. Warm function: It can keep food warm for 2 hours.
  6. Warranty: 1 years

Easy to Carry and Suitable For Travelling

The size of this multicooker is quite handy. It can cook fluffy steam rice just like other rice cooker. The taste is not compromised here. You can try paneer tikka also. It comes out nice and tasty. It can even be carried  for picnic and used to make many lip smacking dishes.

A Student Can Find It Handy

Those students, who reside out of town for studies, it will be a useful appliance for them. They can easily make Maggie or khichdi or rice. One can place it on a table, it need not be placed in the kitchen. The cord is also long enough to meet our needs. It’s undoubtedly one of the best electric rice cookers in India that you may consider buying.

  • It has thermostat controlling features to save it from overheating.
  • You can control the temperature here. There are 4 different temperature options i.e. warm, low, medium, and high.
  • It has a common glass lid that helps you to see through while cooking.
  • You can steam rice, vegetables, boil eggs and also grill any food items.
  • The inner pot is non-stick material coated so need to be careful while washing.
  • Not for families that have more than 2 members

Why Buy Sheffield Classic 3-In-1 Aluminum Multi-Cooker

Why Buy Sheffield Classic 3-In-1 Aluminum Multi-Cooker

Being a multi-cooker, it can cook different food items along with rice. The texture and taste of rice are good here. You don’t need to purchase a barbeque grill or tandoori maker, as it serves the purpose of both of them. The cooking time is also very less here. The price is affordable too.

Prodict#5: Bajaj RCX 5 1.8-Litre Rice Cooker (Energy Efficient)

best electric rice cookers in India
Bajaj RCX 5
  1. Capacity: 1 KG of Rice (good enough for 7-10 people)
  2. Material: Anodized aluminum (Inner Part), durable food grade plastic (outer part)
  3. Electricity usage and operating power: Consumes 550 watts and needs 230 volts to operate.
  4. Accessories provided: 1 lid, 1 measuring cup, 1 perforated plate, 1 scoop and 1 cooking pot
  5. Warm function: It can keep food warm for 4 hours.
  6. Warranty: 2 years

Energy Efficient

It is capable of cooking 1 KG of rice at a time yet it only consumes 550 watts. So, it is much lower compared to other rice cooker that is sufficient for a family. So, every time you are cooking you are saving power, how good is that?

Other Important Features and Their Benefits

Bajaj RCX 5 also has auto cooking feature, once the rice is cooked it will turn off automatically. It is also capable of keeping food warm for significant amount of time.

The cooker comes with a touch handle, which is heat resistant. So, if you touch it accidentally, your hands will not get burned.

The unique part about Bajaj kitchen appliances is that it includes a list of service center. Moreover, the list also mention which service center is near your locality. So, it saves the hassle of searching for places where you can repair it if you face any issues.

Apart from that, like all other rice cooker it also has steam vessels on its lid. The vessels helps you to maintain moisture for your food.

I love measuring cup as it clears a lot of confusion and Bajaj RCX 5 comes with one.

  • Awesome customer service, they also have an option for on site service if there is no service center near your location. 
  • It has a detachable power cord, so after cooking is done you can remove the cord and place it in your dining table. Also detachable cord helps you to carry easily
  • Anodized aluminum is corrosion free. So, no need to worry about catching rusts


  • Sometimes rice sticks at bottom but using water properly should solve the problem

Why buy Bajaj RCX 5 Rice Cooker

Why buy Bajaj RCX 5 Rice Cooker

“It saves energy and cooks 1 KG rice at a time and the customer service of Bajaj is awesome. They will replace or repair your product wihtin 15 days.” 

rice cooker reviews

3 Other Honorable Mentions


reviews of best electric cookers in India
Philips HL1665/00 1.8-Litre Electric Rice Cooker

Features at a Glance

  1. Capacity: 1 Kg rice (good for 7-10 people)
  2. Material: Aluminium.
  3. Electricity Usage and Operating Power: 660 watts and 230 volts respectively.
  4. Accessories Provided: 1 perforated plater, 1 cooker, 1 measuring cup, 1 lid.
  5. Warm Function: can keep food warm for 4 hours
  6. Warranty: 2 years

Reliable Product

As described in the manual, put the rice inside the cooker and switch on and skip the monitoring of the rice, it will automatically cook the rice. In reality, it exactly does some. No extra effort is needed for this. The taste is also great and texture is not compromised.

Also, A measuring chart is also provided with it, in which the quantity of water according to rice is well described.

Pleased With The Purchased

Cooking is a tough job for some people. For them, it’s a good appliance to make things easier. After the cooking process is done, it will automatically shift to warm mode to keep the food fresh.

  • There are 5 years of warranty on the heating coil and 2 years on the overall product.
  • It has an automatic keep warm mode to keep rice fresh and moist for up to 4 hours.
  • The starch separator is given with this product to give you the texture of open pan rice.
  • You can also steam vegetables here.
  • The rice gets burnt sometime at the bottom.
  • Only one cooking bowl is provided.

Why buy Philips HL1665/00

Why buy Philips HL1665/00

With this product, you can make all types of rice and also make different recipes of rice. It is suitable for the Indian kitchen. Steaming vegetables is an additional feature and also saves your time and labour. The starch separator is also very beneficial to make non-sticky rice.


Electric Rice Cookers Reviews
Havells Xpress Cook Aluminium 1.8 L

Features at a Glance

  1. Capacity: 1 Kg rice (sufficient for 7-10 people)
  2. Material: Aluminium
  3. Electricity Usage and Operating Power: 700 watt and 220-240 volts respectively.
  4. Accessories included: 2 cooking bowl, 1 measuring cup, 1 see through glass lid, 1 plate and 1 spatula
  5. Warm Function: capable of keeping food warm for 1 hour
  6. Warranty: 2 years

A Classy Product

Havells is known for making some of the best electric rice cookers in India. The matte black finish of the outer makes it a classy one. The advantage of having a glass lid cooker is you can monitor your dish without opening it. One can try biriyani with it. The aroma of biriyani is intact and the taste tuns out to be awesome.

Also, It has a water level indicator inside the pot.

Even cooking

Its manufacturing ensures of food getting evenly cooked. With stainless steel body and a millimeter thick inner bowl, it does not let your taste buds feel disappointed.

  • The inner pot has a water level indicator for convenient cooking.
  • The auto keep warm technology is used here.
  • The warranty period for the heating coil of this product is 5 years.
  • The outer body of this cooker is made of stainless steel to ensure its durability.
  • The price of this cooker is a little higher than the others.
  • The power cord is not detachable.

Why buy Havells-Xpress-Aluminium-Cooker

Why buy Havells-Xpress-Aluminium-Cooker

If you are ready to spend some extra bucks then it is right there waiting to impress you. Coming with features like glass lid and water level indicator, it gves you a premium feel. And to top it all, on performance ground also it is outstanding.


best electric rice cooker reviews
Cello Cook -N-Serve CNS-600 350-Watt Rice Cooker

Features at a Glance

  1. Capacity: 0.5 Kg rice (good enough for 2-4 people)
  2. Material: Aluminium
  3. Electricity usage and Operating Power: 350 Watt and 220-240 Volts
  4. Accessories Included: 1 cooking bowl, 1 perforated plate, 1 measuring cup, 1 scoop and 1 stainless steel lid
  5. Warm Function: It can keep food warm for 2-3 hours
  6. Warranty: 1 year

A Compact Cooker For Mother

It is a compact and nice rice cooker. All mothers want to serve fresh and homemade food for their babies. This small-sized cooker is very efficient for them. As then can carry it while travelling and feed their babies freshly cooked food. The rice is steamed well and soft in texture.

A Budget Friendly Rice Cooker

If you want to buy a rice cooker to make your daily life easier but your budget don’t permit it then this model of cello rice cooker is good for you. It also has a keep warm features which help you in many way. As it is light in weight you can carry and store it easily.

  • The power cord is detachable.
  • It keeps the cooked rice warm and moist in a automated way.
  • It has heat resistance handle on the body and a knob on the lid.
  • 1 years of warranty is available on this product.
  • No additional bowl is provided with this cooker. Only one cooker is given.
  • As the size is small, it is not suitable for big family.

Why Buy Cello Cook -N-Serve CNS-600 350-Watt Rice Cooker

Why Buy Cello Cook -N-Serve CNS-600 350-Watt Rice Cooker

It is quite easy to use this rice cooker with one touch button function. It is portable due to its small size. If you are residing alone and don’t want to mess with daily rice cooking problems then it can be your saviour.

What Is Electric Rice Cooker?

An electric rice cooker is a modern invention of technology. This reduces the time and effort of rice cooking. It runs on electricity. It uses the steam cooking method and not pressure cooking. Inside this appliance, there is a thermostat, which regulates the temperature of the cooker by adjusting a heat source, and a cooking pot. It cooks rice in an automated way. It comes in different sizes and shapes. Here you can add an adequate amount of water by using a measuring cup.

How Does Rice Cooker Work?

We mainly use a rice cooker to make rice.  Besides this, we can also make other food items. In fact it isn’t difficult to use a electric rice cooker. The working procedure mainly consists of 4 stages.

  • Sitting
  • Boiling
  • Steaming
  • Resting

We first need to wash the rice thoroughly remove the dirt and harmful chemicals. Then pour the washed rice into the cooking pot along with an adequate amount of water with the help of measuring cup. Once all the above procedure is done, close the lid and switch on the rice cooker.

The heating plate at the bottom of the rice cooker starts to heat up. This heat then transfers to the pot and the water starts boiling at 100oC. The heat is evenly spread into the pot. The rice gets cooked in this way. Once the rice is completely done the cooker will be auto-shutoff. Then rest the rice for some time into the cooker to set it properly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Rice Cookers


  • When you cook rice in a traditional rice cooker, you need to check the rice whether it is cooked or not. You also need to stir the rice to cook it evenly. But here, in a rice cooker, once you switch on the machine, it will automatically cook it and shut off when the rice is done.
  • Some of the electric rice cooker models come with warm food features. So here you can keep your food warm. This will not overcook your food.
  • The cooking pots of some rice cookers are dishwasher safe. So it makes your cleaning process easier.
  • Along with cooking rice, you can also make quinoa, steam vegetables, and other Indian rice dishes like polao.


  • It is necessary to add the right amount of water otherwise the bottom of the pan may burn off. So you can stir the rice when it almost cooked to avoid the burning.
  • In some of the rice cooker, non-stick material is used. So if you don’t use a wooden or silicon-based spatula, then the coating may become off and mixed in your food.

Best Electric Rice Cookers in India Buying Guide

As most of the Indians strive for rice, the rice cooker is in high demand. But choosing the right product is a big confusion for many. So here we have listed a few important parameters which will help you to decide the best electric rice cookers in India of 2022 for you.

Important Points to Consider

  • Size and Capacity: An Electric Rice Cooker comes in different size like other kitchen appliances, ranging from 1 litre to 6 litres. If you are residing in a big or joint family-like 5 to 6 people then 3 – 5 liter cookers will suit you. For any house party or family gathering, the big sized rice cooker can serve for all.
  • Cooking style: There are two different cooking mechanism which are used to prepare rice. One is thermal cooking and another one is heat induction. The heat indication method is better than thermal cooking, as it gives a better outcome. Although the heat induction cooker is a bit costlier than the thermal cooking one. Most of the rice cookers come with the thermal cooking mechanism.
  • Types of Lid: Some rice cooker provides a glass lid whereas others provide stainless steel close fit lid. Glass lid is better as you can see the rice while cooking. The glass lid and stainless steel lid both have a steam vent, which allows the steam to escape and maintains the texture of the steamed rice.
  • Versatility: Apart from the primary function of cooking rice, there are some usability as well as steaming vegetables, meat and fish. These features are really useful. Different variations of rice items can also be made with this and there is no change of taste or texture for other kinds of rice like brown rice, basmati rice.
  • Easy to Operate: The one-touch button of the rice cooker lets you conveniently cook your rice. All you need to do are- measure the rice, wash off the dirt and add the right amount of water as per your rice quantity and put the pot inside the rice cooker, and just touch the on button. Some models are designed with advanced functions like pre-set timer, warm-up, slow cook, etc.
  • Warranty: Before purchasing any rice cooker always check its warranty. More the period of warranty more its durability. In short, the warranty is directly connected to durability. The warranty also helps the consumer to trust the brand.
  • Power cord: Some rice cookers are designed with a detachable power cord. This helps the user to carry the rice cooker from the kitchen to dining with ease. This also makes storage easier and reduces the chances of tearing up the cord.
  • Easy to Clean: The inner pot of most of the cooker is made of stainless steel or aluminum. Some of them are dishwasher safe so your cleaning process becomes simpler. Non-coated pot can be cleaned easily with a bar of soap and scrubber.
  • Power and Energy Consumption: When it comes to an electric appliance, the power and energy consumption rating is very important. Because you don’t want to increase your monthly expense for an appliance by a large margin. Some of the products that are available use 70% energy compare to a stovetop cooker as they cook faster.
  • Price: The price of the rice cooker can vary from 2000 to 5000. The functionalities may also vary with the price range. According to your need choose the best rice cooker. If you get a rice cooker at an affordable price with advanced features then that will be a great deal for you.

Rice Cooker Safety Tips

  • Manufactures provide a manual and guide book to operate it easily and safely. So always read the instruction properly before using it.
  • You need to be careful when adding water to your rice. You should not overflow the pot. It will lead to damage or any kind of accident. If you add water below the indicator, it will also lead you to another problem. Your rice gets burnt or stick to the bottom.
  • When you are not using the rice cooker or cleaning it, always remove the plug. This will prevent your cooker from short circuits.
  • Don’t completely fill the inner pot of rice cooker with rice or water. Inside the pot, there is an indicator, so fill it according to it. As the volume of rice increases after cooking, the steamed rice may overflow from the cooker.
  • The outer body of the rice cooker should not be washed or immersed in the water. It damaged the electronics parts.
  • When you are taking out the hot cooking pot from the cooker, use silicon mitts or gloves to protect your hands.
  • The cooking pot should not be removed while cooking is in progress.

FAQs about Best Electric Rice Cookers in India

Can a rice cooker act as a slow cooker?

A slow cooker is known for its long time cooking process. In general, it takes 2 to 6 hrs to cook food. Some rice cooker comes with slow cooking mode. In that case, you can definitely slow cook dish. But if you want to use an ordinary rice cooker as a slow cooker then it needs some extra effort and patience. Here you can’t switch on the button and do your other works.

Can I boil water in a rice cooker?

Yes, you can use it to boil water. If you plan to use the water for drinking purpose then clean the inner pot properly before using it. The material used in making the pot is food-grade material. So it is totally safe to boil water.

What size is best while choosing a rice cooker?

The capacity of rice cooker ranges from 1 to 6 liters. If in your family, there are 3 to4 people then 2-3 litre is enough for you. But if you are a member of a larger family then have a 3 to 6 litre cooker. It also depends on how much or how many times you have rice in a day. If you are planning to cook rice for 2 times at one go, then a larger size will be needed obviously.

Is electric rice cooker healthy?

Yes, one can use an electric rice cooker without being worried about the quality of food. The food that is prepared in a rice cooker is healthy. As the water inside the cooker is not drained out, it keeps all the nutrients intact. The heat induction rays do not cause any harm to your food.

How long does it take to cook rice in a rice cooker?

The rice cooker is made to cook faster than the stovetop model. Depending on the model and quantity of rice is cooked, time can vary somewhere between 20 to 40 minutes. For a small amount of rice, it takes 15 to 20 minutes. Whereas for a larger amount say 1 kg of raw rice, it can take around 40 minutes to cook it completely.


The best electric rice cookers in India are one of the essential kitchen appliances that you must have in your kitchen. It finishes your struggle to make perfect fluffy rice. In this article, we have discussed some popular rice cookers that are currently available in India. A buying guide is also provided in this article to make your purchase more fruitful. 

But after having a rice cooker you must keep some precautions in your mind because it’s an electric appliance so safety comes first. Wish that, you find this article a decisive one to get the best rice cooker for yourself.

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