Best Ceramic Cookware in India 2022: Reviews & Expert Buyer’s Guide

“Making food becomes easier when you use the right kitchen appliances, because every food tells a story!”

if you are looking for elegant and durable cookware sets, ceramic is the best thing to consider first.

Almost all the best ceramic cookware in India is lightweight and comes with a non-stick coating. The main difference between a normal non-stick cookware and ceramic cookware is in their surface coating layer

You will be surprised as the ceramic cookware coating is always safe if you opt for healthy cooking. These are more affordable than any other cookware also. To know more about this ceramic cookware, read the full article.

Best Ceramic Cookware in India
Best Ceramic Cookware in India

The market research says that in 2020, the ceramic coated market is at a growth percentage rate. However, due to the pandemic and global economic decrease, the sale is lower than the previous years.

But prediction says that the market will take into an ample space in cookware in these coming years.

The market is flooded with different non-stick ceramic cookware. But, for obvious reasons you can’t just pick one, as not all the products are of good value. If you are looking for durable and non-stick ceramic coated cookware, then follow the article.

We have given you a list of the eight best ceramic cookware in India to help your selection process really quick and easy.

Best Ceramic Cookware in India: A Quick summary

Top 8 Best Ceramic Cookware in India of 2022: A Detailed Review

There are different options available if you plan to buy the best ceramic cookware in India. Here we have given you 8 premium high quality non-stick cookware sets. We have made this list after researching more than 100 ceramic products.

The research time took more than three months. Hope It will guide you to the best  premium ceramic cookware in India that  you are searching for. The list is made depending upon the capacity, handle, surface coating, material and other different parameters of the cookware. Let’s check them. 

1 CAROTE Frying Pan

Key Features

  • Switzerland non-stick granite coating.
  • PFOA free 
  • Super non-stick surface
  • Evenly heating
  • All stove compatible


Several features and a classy look have made this product one of the best products on the list for best ceramic cookware review. Carole is a professional cookware company that was introduced in 1992. Over time, it has gained popularity for exceptional quality and design of ceramic cookware. 

This 3.6-litre frying pan is ideal for a family of 4 to 5 members. You can easily cook food with this ceramic cookware. Thanks to its 8 inches of diameter. It comes with a non-stick surface with an attractive granite coating from Switzerland. 

The best feature of this frying pan is that it is free from PFOS and PFOA or any other kind of toxic coating. It comes with five layers of non-stick coating that makes it ideal non-stick cookware for home use. These extra non-stick layers make it scratch-resistant.

This frying pan is compatible with a gas stove, induction or any type of heat source. The bakelite handle makes it easy for handling and it remains cool when the pan is extremely hot. The bottom of the pan is 5 mm thick and it weighs around 1.26 mg which is quite easy to handle.

  • Swiss granite coating.
  • Ideal for a large family.
  • Tested in European standard. 
  • Non-toxic coating and healthy
  • The price is a bit higher than any other.

Editor’s Verdict

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If you want to buy cookware without Teflon coating, then this is the piece you must consider. It also comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

2. IBELL Premium Non-Stick Ceramic

Key Features

  • 3 layer high-quality ceramic interior
  • High-quality aluminium
  • Heat resistant bakelite
  • Highly glossy exterior colour 
  • 2.5mm thickness


This model of IBELL Premium Non-Stick Ceramic cookware set comes with three combos of frying pan, skillet and Kadai. The 3 layers of high-grade ceramic coating make it durable, non-stick and easy for cleaning. The topcoat is given here so that it can be long lasting and easy to cook. The second coat makes it heat resistant and the third coat makes it sturdy. 

The high-quality aluminium body of iBell ceramic cookware makes it heat resistant and helps in even heat distribution. The handles of iBell cookware are made of bakelite that provides a safe and comfortable grip. 

You can use this ceramic cookware on induction and even gas stoves. Using a wooden spatula will help you to avoid scraping. Don’t use a metal spoon as it may create scratch marks there. 

The aluminium metal mainly helps it to withstand the heat more effectively for cooking. On the other side the ceramic coating ensures healthy eating with less oil. 

The product comes with 6 months of warranty for the combo pack. You can also extend the warranty by registering on the websi

  • 3 layer high-grade ceramic coating.
  • High-quality aluminium transfers heat evenly. 
  • Bakelite handles are easy to handle when it is too hot. 
  • Glossy exterior design.

  • The base could be thicker. 

Editor’s Verdict

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This is one of the most affordable cookware that you can get from iBell. It comes with a combo of three cookwares which gives you convenience in the kitchen. 

3. Impex PEARL-KSF484 Ceramic Coated Nonstick

Key Features

  • High-grade non-stick coating
  • Gas and induction support
  • Heat resistant bakelite handle
  • Comfortable grip for handling
  • Transparent glass lid


The Impex PEARL-KSF484 Ceramic Coated Nonstick cookware is for those who love to cook. This kitchen set is not only great for looking and features. But also they make you feel love for your cook. A good cook only knows that food cooked with the right appliance not only tastes great but also makes them feel great as every cooking has its own story. 

Presenting one another best non-stick ceramic cookware that is equipped with a gentle ceramic inner coating to provide you nutritious food every time you cook with it. The golden brown outer body looks attractive and they are highly heat resistant also. 

The combo of Impex PEARL-KSF484 Ceramic Coated Nonstick comes with 8 pieces in a single lac that contains 24 cm Kadai Pan,24 cm Fry Pan,18 cm Saucepan with 4 Spatula. If you are a beginner at cooking, you can buy the full set. 

The cookware is provided with 3 layers of non-stick coating that ensures longevity for the product and healthy cooking with less oil. The aluminium body is about 3 mm thick and distributes heat evenly and heats the cookware faster. The rust-free body of this cookware ensures better durability and you can use it for a longer period. 

This cookware set is also provided with an anti-skid glass lid. It helps you to see the cooking of the food which adds charm to your cooking enthu. The air valve will help to keep the aroma intact with the food. 

You can use the cookware on the stove and the induction cooktop as well. So, you don’t have to worry about accessing the set of this exclusive ceramic cookware.

  • High-quality aluminium body.
  • Don’t create scratches on the surface. 
  • Heat resistant body.
  • 3 layer non-stick coating. 
  • Anti-skid glass lid could break if it falls. 

Editor’s Verdict

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I hope you are almost on your way to find the best ceramic cookware. You will love the exclusive features of this cookware. Let’s know about your requirements and decide whether this is best for you or not.  

#4. Nirlon Non-Stick Ceramic Cookware Set

Key Features

  • 4 layered non-stick ceramic coating.
  • Made of lightweight aluminium. 
  • Stay-cool bakelite handle.
  • Convenient glass lid.


Nirlon has gained immense popularity due to its exclusive features and range of appliances at an affordable budget. They sell products in different varieties starting from cookware sets, bottles etc. 

If you want to buy the best combo at an affordable price range, then the Nirlon ceramic cookware set is best for you. It comes with a full set of 5 that makes it easy to cook for 2-3 members. 

The cookware is made of aluminium that distributes heat evenly. The aluminium is one of the best cookware materials that provide effective cooking by super fast distribution. 

The PFOA free cooking material is ideal for daily cooking needs. Delicacy is not only involved in the taste of the food. The weight valve, central gasket, and one metallic safety plug also enhance its look. The Nirlon ceramic cookware comes with an awesome orange colour that makes the table attractive.

You can use this cookware set in the gas stove, induction cooktop. Apart from that, it weighs less and you can carry it everywhere you go. But remember to not use a dishwasher or metal spoon in it. It may affect the non-stick coating of the cookware set.

  • Price is affordable
  • Transfer heat evenly.
  • Sturdy material.
  • Gas oven, induction cooktop safe. 
  • The back portion of this coating may turn black after several uses. But by taking proper care you can easily avoid this.

Editor’s Verdict

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This is one of the most affordable choices for ceramic lovers. Nirlon ceramic cookware makes food healthy as it hardly needs oil for cooking. Apart from that, this cookware is lightweight, attractive. So, now you don’t need to hesitate to carry it when you are out of the home.

5. GreenLife CC000884-001 Soft Grip Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware

Key Features

  • Healthy ceramic coating.
  • Gas oven compatible.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 4 PC combo set.


If you want to enjoy your visual smoothness combined with the delicacy of the food taste, then the GreenLife Soft Grip Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware is a cookware set for you. The product is premium in design and comes with some of the best features also that goes with the pack. 

The box includes an 11-inch square griddle, frying pan and a 1- quart saucepan with a glass lid. The pots are made of high-quality aluminium that makes the product lightweight and easy to carry. Thermolocoating makmakese product is efficient for more negligible oil cooking. 

The pots are also given with soft handles with matching colours. It makes the product attractive. They don’t handle calm when the banks are hot. 

However, this is a basic set of nonstick cookware. It will not give your kitchen an overcrowded look at all. If you are a beginner and trying to learn to cook, then this is an ideal setting for you. 

The grill pan will be an excellent choice if you want different breakfast recipes such as pancakes, French toast, hash browns or anything in less oil.

  • It looks attractive. 
  • Lightweight and efficient non-stick coating.
  • The grill has enough space.
  • Material is durable enough.
  • Price is a bit high.

Editor’s Verdict

best instant pots review

This is one of the best ceramic cookware out there. The price is a bit high, and you don’t need to compromise quality with the price. The brand Greenlife has different non-stick ceramic cookware sets with varying ranges of price. 

6.   Pigeon by Stovekraft All in One Ceramic Super Cooker, 5 Liters, Black/Transparent

Key Features

  • Ideal for 5 to 7 members.
  • Multipurpose cooker.
  • Multipurpose lid.
  • 4 mm thickness base.
  • Convenient short handle.


The Pigeon by Stovekraft All in One Ceramic Super Cooker is multipurpose cookware that can be used for different preparation in your home. The multipurpose cooker with 5 liter capacity, is enough for middle to large families. Another upside of this cooker is that it adds a traditional charm to your overall kitchen look. 

The body of this cookware is hard anodised, durable enough, and scratch-resistant. You don’t have to make much effort to clean it as the product has fantastic non-stick coating. 

One of the essential features of this cookware is its three-layered lids. These lids can be used for different purposes such as filtering water from veggies or rice, pressure cooking and as a serving  pot. 

The handy pot keeps nutrition intact in the food by lifting the food upward. Induction compatible base makes the tool easy to access in both induction and gas ovens. 

We all know that slow cooking of food keeps the original flavour of the food. The Pigeon by Stovekraft All in One Ceramic Super Cooker has a 4 mm thick vase that distributes heat evenly to the food. 

Along with that, this multipurpose cooker adheres to its highest safety standard. The safety tools like weight valve, central gasket and safety plug keep the pot safe for operation.

  • Highly versatile cooking solution.
  • Three multipurpose lids.
  • Super hard randomised body. 
  • Looks good in the kitchen.

  • Pot is provided with only one handle. 

Editor’s Verdict

best instant pots review

If you need to often cook for multiple members of your family, then this is the best option to consider. The lid is also multipurpose, so this one thing is convenient in your cooking. 

7. GreenPan Limited Edition Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set

Key Features

  • 360° master multitasking.
  • Dishwasher safe product.
  • 100% toxin-free items.
  • Made with natural materials.
  • Classic look.


Nowadays, everyone is alert about food concerns. When it comes to healthy eating, then the thing is a genuine concern for everyone. 

The ceramic cookware is given with a thermal non-stick coating that is safe for health. In that case, the process duct is also free from PFOA, PFOS and other chemicals. 

The material is durable enough and transfers heat evenly. Even distribution of heat cooks slowly. Slow cooking keeps nutrition intact in the food. Even so, it will not release harmful fumes for overheating the pan. 

It comes with a stainless steel handle with a comfortable grip. It makes the pan easy to handle. The cookware is safe for the dishwasher. But remember, you should not use any harsh scrubber to clean it. Store it always in a cool and dry place. 

The cookware is attractive looking and available in different colour forms. Overall the product is lightweight enough that you can carry easily. No doubt it will add charm to your cooking.

  • It is best for healthy cooking
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Lightweight.
  • Transfer heat evenly.
  • Better grip handle.

  • Sometimes its non-stick property can slightly reduce after a long usage. But healthy non-stick cookware is a much better option than super non-stick in case of keeping your loved ones safe and fit.

Editor’s Verdict

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This is one of the best products for you if you mainly focus on cookware materials. Exclusive features at an affordable range are no doubt to make an impression on everyone.

Meyer Anzen Healthy Ceramic Coated Cookware Sauteuse with Glass Lid

Key Features

  • Eco-friendly cookware.
  • Bakelite stay cool handle.
  • Non toxic cookware.
  • Heat resistant glass.
  • 100% ceramic cookware.


The brand is mainly famous for its exclusive cookware items. Most probably, this is the brand that makes everyone learn how to combine technology and style in the cookware items. Apart from that, the brand is focused on its customer’s health. So, they have come into the industry with an affordable range of safe cookware items. 

The outcomes include five cooking appliances that involve frying pan, Kadai with lid and sauteuse with cover. The product is toxin-free and doesn’t cause harm to the users. The coating of this product is given with silicone and oxygen that makes the surface non-stick. 

The cookware is made of pure aluminium that is the best material for any cookware. The company has not induced toxic metals like cadmium, lead nickel, or arsenic in its products. So, you can cook food here in the high flame without worrying about the toxic release. 

The body is made of aluminium and coated with ceramic makes the product lightweight enough. The handles on both sides of the Kadai make the product easy to handle while tossing the food. 

The handles are made of bakelite, so it will be calm even when the Kadai is hot enough. The glass lid makes it easy to watch the cooking progress without opening the lid.

  • Toxin-free safe cookware set
  • Even heat transfer.
  • Silicone oxygen ceramic coated cookware. 
  • 100% Certified by US FDA & European.

  • Size may not match with the label instruction.

Editor’s Verdict

best instant pots review

If you are looking for cookware for a large family, this is the most suitable for you. The kadhai is easy to handle, so it is a perfect choice for beginners. 

How does Ceramic Cookware Work

The ceramic cookware is made of ceramics rather than other metals. The ceramic composition may vary according to the proportion. It comes with a sol-gel coating bonded in the cookware. 

Sol-gel is generally silicone oil that is released while cooking in ceramic cookware. The sol-gel mimics the non-stick property, which is also known as ceramic cookware non-stick coating. It also eliminates the use of unhealthy cooking oil spray in your food.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ceramic Cookware

Advantages of Ceramic Cookware

There are plenty of ceramic cookware sets available in the market. They all come with their distinct features. In contrast, it can be challenging for you to choose the suitable one for you. If you are trying different cookware sets, then know about the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic cookware sets also.

Toxic-free coating

Ceramic coating is non-toxic and chemical-free. This is only made of natural ingredients. Whether the ceramic cookware industry  provides a non-stick finish, it also doesn’t use harmful PFAS or PFOA in the manufacturing process. It makes you assured that you are not consuming lead or cadmium with your food. 


The ceramic cookware provides you the natural non-stick coating. Even the dense food can slip through your ceramic pan. Being premium non-stick cookware, it also consumes less oil. 

However, the same can be achieved by greasing oil and butter on a non-stick pan. So, indirectly non-stick ceramic cookware eliminates consuming soup and butter in your food. This habit keeps you healthy.

Easy cleaning

The ceramic cookware ensures an easy cleaning process. You don’t need to rub it for hours to remove its stain. It would help if you had warm water and soap for cleaning non-stick ceramic cookware. Even when it is already burnt, make sure to rub it gently to release its burnt parts. 

Various usages

The ceramic cookware is available in different sizes and shapes. Not only for cooking, but you can also use it for storing leftover foods in the fridge. The ceramic cookware usually comes with a lid. So, the smell of the food will stay intact for a long day. 

Energy saver

The ceramic cookware can retain the best for long hours. You don’t need to spend extra power to heat the food again. In winter, you can serve warm food anytime you want. This is one of the essential benefits of buying ceramic cookware. 

Disadvantages the ceramic cookware

The ceramic cookware has some disadvantages also. The penalties are given below. 

  • The coating may go away over time. Most of the users complain about its one layer coating. After some days, the coat may fade away. You can not bring it back to its previous situation. This is one of the most significant disadvantages of using ceramic cookware.
  • The ceramic pots are easy to carry due to their lightweight feature. It makes the cookware not suitable for making heavyweight dishes. It would be best if you cautiously keep an eye on the pot when the ceramic cookware set is scorching.

Best Ceramic Cookware in India Buying Guide 

Now you have several choices for best ceramic cookware in India of 2022. You should choose one between them as per your need. Here are some essential factors that you must consider before buying it, are given below:

The Material Used

The ceramic cookware doesn’t come with heat retention capability. So, you are suggested to buy one with aluminium coating. Aluminium coating in your ceramic cookware will keep food warm for long days.

Choose the Right set of Pans and Pots

The ceramic cookware is available in a primary or advanced set of packaging. At the same time, the beginner can go for the basic set. But if you are an expert in the kitchen, you need an advanced collection of cookware as you will try to make different cuisine every day. Apart from that, if there are multiple members in your house like children, adults, old and teenagers, you need advanced ceramic cookware sets as all these groups have different cuisine tastes. 

Sturdy Handles

The handle and life of your ceramic cookware should be hard-wearing. Most of the time, you may have to put your cookware in the oven. In that case, the handle should be enough durable

So that you can flip and toss the food easily at your convenience, apart from that, if there are many kids in your home, the handle should be more sturdy to cook in large amounts.

Cookware Compatibility: Gas stove or Induction

You can see your ceramic cookware compatibility from its packaging. Most of the time, it comes with gas stove compatibility. But most of them are induction cooktop compatible also. Depending on the heat source, you should choose your ceramic cookware.

Size or Capacity

It would help if you always bought ceramic cookware of the correct size. The ceramic pot capacity should be calculated in litres. The pan capacity is measured in diameters. How much dimension you need depends on the number of your family members. Ceramic cookware generally comes in a box which can be the same size as the cookware.

You can roughly assume the size from outside but can’t check its original capacity until you unbox the cookware package. Such as for a family member of two or one, the maximum capacity should be one litre. If there are more than four family members, you should buy 2-3 ltr of cookware. 

Safety: Heat resistance capacity

The ceramic cookware must have some safety instructions in its design. As you have to deal with heat, you should also focus on the safety of the cookware. Choose ceramic cookware that comes with a bakelite handle as this is highly heat resistant.

So you don’t have to worry about touching its handles when the pot is sweltering. As well as the exterior surface should be heat resistant enough. You should check all these things before choosing your ceramic cookware. 

Brand and Warranty

There are several brands of ceramic cookware sets available in India.

However, new brands are also exploring this market by launching their range of products. But in most cases only the reputed and established brands are offering long warranty period as they have complete trust on the quality of their products. So look for brands available in the market for a long time.

They offer a decent warranty on their product. Suppose your preference is towards the new brand; consider the above mentioned buying guide factors while purchasing your favourite ceramic cookware set. You can check the feedback section about any brand by following their user rating and reviews. 

Safety Tips While Using a Ceramic Cookware

Ceramic coating is nothing but a firm layer over the hard material of the cookware. It makes the cookware safe for cooking and resistant to scratching. This is a safe alternative to traditional non-stick cookware.  Here are some safety tips for correctly using ceramic cookware:

  • Read the instructions given by the manufacturer to safeguard your cookware for the first time. At the initial stage, wash away all the dirt of your cookware with warm soapy water and wipe it with a paper towel for soaking the leftover water droplets from its nonstick surface.
  • Use only recommended utensil material on your ceramic cookware. It goes well with wooden, plastic silicon or nylon spatulas. For example don’t use any metal knife to cut your steak while it is inside the favourite ceramic cookware. It will create scratches on the surface and drastically draw a quick end to your treasured cookware’s lifespan. 
  • Before using the pan, apply a small amount of oil or butter to safeguard its non-stick coat. Avoid using virgin olive oil.
  • It would help if you use ceramic cookware in low or medium heat. Preheat the cookware and let the oil be heated up for some time, and then put your food on the pan. Ceramic cookware can distribute heat evenly. So too much heat may burn your food. 
  • After cooking, let the cookware cool down for some time. Don’t immediately place it under cold water. Sudden temperature shifts may affect its non-stick coat. 
  • After cooking, don’t scrub it. Use warm water and a mild dishwasher to do it for a few minutes. Always pay attention to its handle and edges where food can be stuck. Clean those parts and then wipe them down with a soft cloth. 
  • You should not hit and drop ceramic cookware on the floor. It may spoil the non-stick coating of the pan. 
  • Make sure you have stored it in an enclosed space with a flat surface. In that case, there will be less chance of this pan falling in from the rack.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is ceramic cookware suitable for Indian cooking?

Cooking in ceramic cookware is always good for your health. Since it uses sol-gel and oxygen, nonstick coating in its surface. It  causes less use for oil and butter. Still the experts recommend that you should do one stroke of oil or butter brushing at least before cooking in ceramic cookware. 

Q: How long do ceramic pans last?

You can make the ceramic cookware last for long by taking proper care of it. Without maintenance, or proper care you can not make it long lasting. Be cautious about scrubbing it. 

Q: Are ceramic pans safe?

Yes, the ceramic pans are safe. It uses a natural coating that is good for health. However, you can cook here without oil to maintain a proper diet.

Final Thought

This is being said to all the users to use cookware sets depending upon their personal choices and preferences. You can also get plenty of options for every budget ceramic cookware set. If you have a high budget and want to get a premium quality product, you can buy GreenLife Soft Grip Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware.

If you want to buy for a large number of family members, then the Pigeon Stovekraft Ceramic Transparent Cooker can be an ideal option. Apart from that, if you are new in the kitchen then the iBell model of our list of best ceramic cookware in India can be a wise choice for you. Hope we have guided you in the right way. So, choose what will be best for you.

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